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6clicks Labs



Join us in shaping the future of RegTech

"The opportunities presented by AI are endless."

Founder, NotWithoutRisk

"This changes the game for GRC, again.”

Partner, Deloitte

"It's all about innovation and the confidence to do more"

John Meacock | Centerstone Capital

Our mission

Shaping the future of RegTech together

6clicks Labs was built to focus specifically on innovation that will drive the future of RegTech. 

We see a world powered by technology and enhanced through the application of artificial general intelligence (AGI)—by which we mean highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work—benefits all of humanity.

We will attempt to directly build safe and beneficial AGI alongside critical risk and compliance, but will also consider our mission fulfilled if our work involves industry experts others to achieve this outcome.

6clicks Mission 2

Lab Projects

Here are just some of the projects we are working on to shape the next generation of technology in the world of risk and compliance.

"Ask Hailey"

In partnership with OpenAI and Microsoft

Research and development into the application of leading artificial intelligence capability provided by Open AI using GPT-3, a breakthrough AI engine released in 2022.

Ask Hailey

Register for the launch webinar for
"Ask Hailey" powered by OpenAI 

6clicks Labs Industry Program

Get involved!

Work with industry experts shaping the future of RegTech and working with the most leading-edge AI and risk and compliance software available today.

Register your interest

Join the queue to participate in the 6clicks Labs Industry Program, launching first virtually in Melbourne, Australia mid-2023.

How it works

We want to work with a select number of brilliant domain experts who are looking to develop unique industry solutions.

  • Our teams will work together exclusively on our agreed focus area during the innovation cycle, and for six months after release
  • 6clicks engineering teams will rapidly develop extensions to the 6clicks platform in line your solution objectives
  • We strive to push the boundaries of the platform with integrated OpenAI and our AI engine
  • Avoid internal development processes, capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs

Explore the benefits

Just some of the benefits of our 6clicks Labs Industry Program.

  • Innovate and explore the application of leading technology to automate the world of risk and compliance
  • Work alongside industry leaders
  • Listen to industry experts on their vision and the major challenges presented by RegTech
  • Work closely with global RegTech associations exploring in practical terms the application of breakthrough technology impacting RegTech