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Introducing 6clicks
Hub & Spoke 


Centralize risk and compliance while empowering your teams with the autonomy they need to succeed.



Who benefits from Hub & Spoke

Run GRC programs across multi-entity organizations and use cases.

hub & spoke multi tenant grc

hub & spoke multi tenancy grc

hub & spoke multi tenancy grc

hub & spoke multi tenancy grc

Hub & Spoke in 90 seconds.


Watch 6clicks CTO Dr Heather Buker explain the unique architecture that powers 6clicks.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is 6clicks Hub & Spoke?

6clicks Hub & Spoke is a unique model that lets organisations centralise their risk & compliance function and give required authority and accesses to people so that they can meet the risk & compliance regulations. It offers organisations a flexible way to run GRC programs across different entities and use cases.

What are the benefits of Hub & Spoke for GRC?

Hub & Spoke lets organisations run GRC programs across different entities. It helps to streamline, automate, and closely manage GRC programs.

What sort of businesses benefit from Hub & Spoke?

Hub & Spoke is ideal for all businesses regardless of their size and industry. Any business that wants to improve their GRC program implementation can use Hub & Spoke.