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Introducing 6clicks
Hub & Spoke 


Built for organizations running a distributed risk and compliance function across multiple teams or businesses.



Are you doing any of the following?

  • Managing GRC programs across

    • Organizational divisions or subsidiaries

    • Regions and jurisdictions

    • Portfolio companies

    • Franchises

    • Healthcare networks

    • University systems

    • Local, state or federal government departments

    • Distributed entities

  • Providing GRC services to clients as consultants, advisors, systems integrators or managed service providers

  • Managing risk registers across multiple product lines, business units, or teams

  • Managing an enterprise risk management program

  • Managing compliance regulations or certifications across multiple product lines, business units, or teams.

  • Reporting on GRC programs across hierarchical organizational structures

  • Managing sensitive projects and authorized personnel access across GRC programs

Then you need 6clicks Hub & Spoke

So what is 6clicks Hub & Spoke?

The 6clicks Hub & Spoke is the perfect solution for large businesses, multinationals, franchises, private equity firms, government agencies and MSPs requiring a centralized risk and compliance function that spans multiple teams, departments, or businesses. With the Hub & Spoke model, organizations can quickly and easily define the hierarchical structure that works best for them, which includes parent-child relationships between entities.

The hub makes it possible to define risk and compliance best-practice and content centrally, which is 'pushed down' to spokes (teams, departments, or businesses) that utilize the full suite of 6clicks GRC modules for day-to-day activities. Consolidated reporting and analytics are rolled up at the hub level, giving the organization comprehensive reporting and insights across all spokes.

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6clicks Hub & Spoke: true multi-tenanted GRC

Manage your organization's risk and compliance function across distributed teams or businesses. Designed to grow with you, 6clicks Hub & Spoke provides both flexibility and control.


Work Your Way

Define best practice workflows and custom fields at the hub level and enforce them down at the spoke level (teams, departments or businesses), as well as discreetly manage user access across your spokes.


Control & Distribute Content

Create and manage content (assessments, control sets, authorities, playbooks and more) from the hub and distribute to your spokes, or use our content from the 6clicks Content Library.


Roll Up Reporting

Aggregate reporting from across your spokes at the hub level and use hierarchical spoke groups to define your organizational structure for more flexible reporting, creating a single-pane-of-glass view across your GRC landscape.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is 6clicks Hub & Spoke?

6clicks Hub & Spoke is a unique model that lets organizations centralize their risk and compliance function while overseeing and managing multiple teams, departments or businesses. It offers organisations a flexible way to run GRC programs across distributed entities and use cases.

What are the benefits of Hub & Spoke for GRC?

Hub & Spoke lets organizations run GRC programs across different entities. It helps to streamline, automate, and closely manage GRC programs. It also scales and grows with you, providing a flexible and cost-effective platform built to optimize and automate risk and compliance, regardless of your organization's size.

What sort of businesses benefit from Hub & Spoke?

Hub & Spoke is ideal for all organizations managing a risk and compliance function that oversees distributed teams, departments or businesses, regardless of industry. For any distributed business that wants to enforce best practices, optimize and automate risk and compliance, and require rolled-up reporting and analytics, 6clicks Hub & Spoke is perfect.

How does Hub & Spoke work for consultants, advisors, systems integrators and managed service providers?

6clicks offers a white-labelled Hub & Spoke environment that allows our partners to provision and manage all GRC-related client engagements and services centrally from the hub. Client teams (spokes) can be created from templated teams designed for specific offerings, minimizing setup time. Advisors can then easily be granted access to client teams, and client users can be invited into their team at the right time, depending on the engagement. Build customer stickiness and revenue share with us through the 6clicks partnership program.

Why would I choose Hub & Spoke over other licenses like Growth?

The 6clicks Growth license is perfect for small to medium-sized organizations with a team managing a single GRC program. The Hub & Spoke license becomes the best option for organisations managing GRC programs across multiple teams, entities and jurisdictions and who require a single-pain-of-glass view across their entire GRC landscape.

What is a Hub, and what is a Spoke?

The 6clicks Hub & Spoke 'architecture' is designed and built for running distributed GRC programs. The hub provides a centralised 'parent' team, which oversees a number of 'child' teams called spokes. Spokes typically represent a team, department, service line, business or entity running a GRC program and require some level of separation and autonomy. The hub is where content, such as audits and assessments, control sets and risk and issue libraries are created and global configurations defined. These are then 'pushed' down to spokes, where daily GRC-related activities are undertaken. Team members at the hub can drop down into spokes they have access to support these activities. Additional team members can be added directly to spokes, limiting their access to a single spoke and providing flexible user access management options.

Moreover, spoke templates can be defined at the hub, which are 'shell' spokes with pre-populated content. Spoke templates expedite spoke provisioning and enablement, meaning you can spin up turn-key spokes in seconds. You can also define spoke hierarchies using spoke groups, which provide a powerful and structured way to define, manage and report on and across your organisational hierarchy (example below). 

6clicks Hub and Spoke