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Enterprise Risk Management

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and manual risk management with 6clicks

Solution Overview

The 6clicks Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution enables a structured approach towards managing your organizational risks. Built on the 6clicks Platform and supported by uniform risk assessment methodologies and standards, the ERM software helps you accurately understand risk exposure at multiple levels of your organization. Multi-dimensional risk and control assessments based on qualitative and quantitative parameters can be performed to establish your risk profile. Real-time insights into your risk management processes through powerful analytics, advanced heat maps, reports, dashboards, and charts empower you to make smarter and risk-aware decisions.

Simplify risk management with 6clicks.

Identify, manage and treat risks

Use 6clicks' risk management solution to optimize your existing workflows and processes to reduce spreadsheets and costs, pass audits, build trust, and accelerate your revenue. Identify, manage and treat risks in one platform and stay on top of your risk profile to make your entire security and compliance journey more efficient and streamlined.

Identify, manage and treat risks for Enterprise Risk Management

Automate risk assessments

Define and share your organization's risk appetite and tolerance levels in 6clicks and manage the entire lifecycle of your risk assessment processes. Choose what type of risk assessments you run and tailor your risk assessment values and workflow to align with your organization's requirements.

Automate risk assessments for Enterprise Risk Management

Create custom risk workflows

Our solution’s flexible yet robust capabilities accommodate any organization’s size or scope. Build your risk lifecycle workflow from the ground up in 6clicks. Define your stages, specify the fields that can be completed and designate mandatory fields for each stage, set the order of stages, add instructions for end users and more!

Create custom risk workflows for Enterprise Risk Management

Generate insightful risk reports

Always know where your organization stands. Generate operational, executive and board-ready risk reports, including risk matrices, at the click of a button, filter on risks that are only relevant to your audience, create custom dashboards and export reports for external stakeholders. Our risk reporting integrates with the broader platform to monitor and manage your organization’s entire compliance, security, and risk management program.
Generate insightful risk reports for Enterprise Risk Management

Explore our Enterprise Risk Management Expert's Guide

This authoritative guide provides an overview of enterprise risk management (ERM) and its essential components. It is designed to help business leaders understand the fundamentals of ERM and develop the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage risk in their organizations.


Risk Management for Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management

Embrace a new era of risk management with 6clicks! Our Risk Management solution automates and streamlines the entire risk lifecycle, from risk identification and assessment to remediation and reporting

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Risk News & Alerts for Enterprise Risk Management

Risk News & Alerts

Enhance your employee risk awareness with integrated risk-related news, events & alerts

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Vendor Risk Management for Enterprise Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management

Instil a robust, defensible assessment process for all third-party suppliers, ensuring your organization is aware of potential ethical and compliance risks that may harm your reputation

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