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Say hello to Hailey, generative AI for GRC

Purpose-built for GRC professionals, Hailey AI is trained on trusted, real-time data, empowering organizations to better manage risk and demonstrate compliance with ease.


Hailey GPT now is now live

Our latest enhancement to the Hailey AI engine features Hailey for Audit & Assessments, where questions are matched based on previous responses, policies, control sets, and related compliance obligations. 

Hailey AI features

The first AI engine built for risk and compliance.

Identify overlap with other standards and frameworks

Hailey automates the analysis and mapping of hundreds of standards such as the NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOC 2 and many more. 


Find gaps in your policies and control sets

Identify compliance and gaps in your policies and control sets against hundreds of frameworks using Hailey AI.

Coming soon: Everything in its place

Hailey automatically recognizes and imports existing documentation, in a variety of formats, into the appropriate modules in 6clicks.


Faster and more accurate assessments

Hailey uses uses previous assessment responses along with controls and policies to answer questionnaires with ease.

AI for Partners and Sellers

Hailey GPT for Sales helps you with responses to RFPs & RFIs and points you in the right direction to best engage with our sales, partner or customer success teams.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does 6clicks help in writing control descriptions and control set overviews?

6clicks utilizes GPT-3 and Hailey AI to power the writing of control descriptions and control set overviews based on required compliance with various regulations. This helps you ensure accurate and comprehensive documentation.

Can 6clicks assist in identifying compliance and non-compliance risks?

Yes, 6clicks can help you identify areas of compliance and non-compliance risks related to your internal control sets and policies. This allows you to take proactive measures to mitigate risks.

What is Hailey AI mapping, and how does it relate to compliance?

Hailey AI mapping is a feature in 6clicks that facilitates cross-compliance between regulations. It helps you map and identify overlaps, streamlining the compliance process across multiple standards and regulations.

Does 6clicks provide turn-key reporting for compliance obligations?

Yes, 6clicks offers turn-key reporting capabilities that allow you to easily generate reports for your compliance obligations. This helps you demonstrate cross-compliance and adherence to multiple standards.

Can 6clicks assist in identifying outdated or inefficient practices within policies?

Yes, 6clicks can help you discover out-of-date or orphaned practices that do not align with your regulatory landscape. You can determine if you can gain efficiency by removing them and improve your compliance efforts.

How can 6clicks help with framework or compliance mappings?

With 6clicks, you can conduct compliance mappings across various standards, laws, and regulations from different jurisdictions and sectors. This helps you identify compliance gaps and streamline the compliance process.