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Trust Portal



The 6clicks Trust Portal is the fastest and most transparent way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to risk and compliance

Trust Portal

6clicks Trust Portal enables companies to quickly and easily demonstrate their commitment to risk and compliance, offering transparency and assurance.

Build trust proactively

Stay ahead of customer concerns and instil confidence in your security, risk and compliance practices

Speed up inbound due-diligence

With the 6clicks Trust Portal, you can address your prospects' due-diligence questions up front and stop wasting time with back and forth exchanges

Avoid surprise deal blockers

Address security questions and overcome objections before they even arise to prime your deals for a smoother flow

6clicks provides a fast and secure way to demonstrate compliance and reduce risk with a transparent portal that streamlines the audit and assurance process


Powerful features to support your growth


Create multiple profiles

Create profiles and add assessments, control sets, and documents to be shared with selected stakeholders.


Profile sharing

Invite users to view private profiles and accept or reject requests to view profiles (coming soon).


User management

Invite selected users to view trust portals and manage their access on a profile by profile basis.


Integrated custom T&C's

Define custom terms and conditions for each profile that viewers must accept before accessing the profile.

... and did you know, there's unlimited:

  • User licensing across all plans
  • Access to our content library
  • World-class customer support

Top analysts and customers have spoken.

They genuinely love 6clicks.

"The best cyber GRC platform for businesses and advisors."

David Simpson | CyberCX

"We chose 6clicks not only for our clients, but also our internal use”

Kurt Hansen | Tesserent

"With 6clicks we can simply close deals much faster"

Greg Rudakov | Devicedesk

6clicks Awarded Top 100 Innovators
6clicks Awarded RegTech Top 100

"The 6clicks solution simplifies and strengthens risk, compliance, and control processes across entities and can grow and adapt as the organization changes and evolves."

Michael Rasmussen | GRC 20/20 Research LLC

Why businesses and advisors choose 6clicks

It's faster, easier and more cost effective than any alternative.
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Powered by artificial

Experience the magic of Hailey, our artificial intelligence engine for risk and compliance.

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Unique Hub & Spoke architecture

Deploy multiple teams all connected to a hub - perfect for federated, multi-team structures.

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Fully integrated
content library

Access 100's of standards, control sets, assessment templates, libraries and playbooks.

6clicks is powered by AI and includes all the content you need.
Our unique 6clicks Hub & Spoke architecture makes it simple to use and deploy.