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Meet Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership requirements and ensure compliance

Move away from spreadsheets for managing your DISP compliance

Solution Overview

What is DISP?

The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), managed by the Defence Industry Security Office (DISO), supports Australian businesses to understand and meet their security obligations when engaging in Defence projects, contracts and tenders. In essence, DISP requires members to get the right security requirements when delivering Defence contracts and tenders.

The Defence Industry Security Program articulates security policies, standards and practices required of its members along with the requirement to effectively understand and manage security risks across their business.

Benefits of the 6clicks solution for managing your DISP membership

Manage the full lifecycle of audit, risk management, issue and incident management in one place.

  • Conduct an assessment for your DISP Annual Security Report (ASR)

  • Demonstrate compliance to the DISP requirements found in the Defence Security Principles Framework (DSPF)

  • Be audit-ready and confidently maintain your DISP membership

  • Open up new business opportunities within the defence industry by becoming a DISP member
disp membership with 6clicks



Ease your compliance burden with the help of smart functionality including Hailey, our innovative AI engine.

Determine your Suitability & Readiness

6clicks helps you run an DISP suitability assessment against the Defence Security Principles Framework (DSPF) as well as ASD Essential 8 to identify your current status and help you work towards compliance.

Determine your Suitability & Readiness for Defence Industry Security Program

Implement Actions to Achieve Compliance

Raise issues and actions in 6clicks to track your remediation activities through to completion. Issues and actions can be automatically raised during Audits & Assessment if such logic is incorporated into the assessment template.

Implement Actions to Achieve Compliance for Defence Industry Security Program

Demonstrate Effective Risk Management

Raise risks and risk treatments plans in 6clicks to apply a risk-based approach to compliance with the DISP membership requirements enabling you to accept risk or implement longer term treatment plans. Carry out a top-down risk assessment using 6clicks risk libraries and risk review workflows.

Demonstrate Effective Risk Management for Defence Industry Security Program

Implement an Ongoing Program

Following remediation, take advantage of 6clicks' policy and control set module to put in place ongoing measures to ensure the continued effective operation of controls required as a DISP members including configuration/control reviews and scheduled tests.

Implement an Ongoing Program for Defence Industry Security Program

Explore our expert's guide to Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

This comprehensive guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), which is the security program for the defence industry in Australia. It covers the DISP’s purpose, scope, and requirements, as well as how to apply for and manage security clearances.


Risk Management for Defence Industry Security Program

Risk Management

Embrace a new era of risk management with 6clicks! Our Risk Management solution automates and streamlines the entire risk lifecycle, from risk identification and assessment to remediation and reporting

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Audit & Assessment for Defence Industry Security Program

Audit & Assessment

Use automated workflows to derive the most value from your audits in the least amount of time. Reduce manual tasks while helping your team manage the entire audit lifecycle

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Policy & Control Management for Defence Industry Security Program

Policy & Control Management

Efficient internal controls management engages employees across your organization by centralizing and automating control testing and workflows

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Vendor Risk Management for Defence Industry Security Program

Vendor Risk Management

Instil a robust, defensible assessment process for all third-party suppliers, ensuring your organization is aware of potential ethical and compliance risks that may harm your reputation

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Asset Management for Defence Industry Security Program

Asset Management

Manage and maintain your information assets and link to your risks, issues and third parties to support your ISMS

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Custom Registers for Defence Industry Security Program

Custom Registers

Manage and maintain any risk and compliance data with our integrated no-code platform for custom registers

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