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Simple, transparent pricing

Unlimited users, unlimited content, unlimited use cases.

6clicks, the alternative to traditional GRC software

It's simple, we just price per Spoke

Autonomy at the team level, with centralized control
and reporting across the organizationall in one GRC platform.

Spoke features and capabilities

What is a spoke?

A Spoke represents a team in your business. It provides everything you need to effectively manage risk, maintain compliance, and accelerate your growth.

A Spoke can be any or a combination of:

  • functional area of your business
  • country or region
  • division
  • pending or existing acquisition
  • project, service or program

What's included?

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited vendors
  • Unlimited assessments
  • All features & modules
  • Hailey AI engine
  • Extensive content library
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Full implementation & support

6clicks aligns with your organization,
not the other way around

Hub & Spoke For Defense & Aerospace
Hub & Spoke for Private Equity & Investment Managers (2)
Hub & Spoke For Professional & Managed Services
Hub & Spoke for Telecommunications, Technology & Media
Hub & Spoke For Government
Hub & Spoke For Financial Services
Strategic alignment

Our commitment to your success

Learn more about our mission, vision and our commitment to your success now and into the future.

How 6clicks is disrupting the GRC market

How 6clicks is disrupting the GRC market: 4 game-changing features you need to know

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Celebrating five years of 6clicks: A journey of growth and resilience

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Frequently asked questions

Does 6clicks include all the content?

6clicks offers a seamless experience by integrating all the essential content you need, which is continuously updated to keep pace with the ever-changing world. The best part is that you won't incur any additional charges for accessing additional frameworks. This means you can stay current with the latest industry standards and regulations without worrying about extra costs, making 6clicks an even more attractive and cost-effective solution for your risk and compliance needs.

Does 6clicks include reports and dashboards?

Baked into 6clicks is our powerful analytics and reporting suite, which includes pre-built reports, dashboard and self-service reporting capability. What's more, you can embed data and your narrative alongside each other using Stories and Presentations as part of 6clicks LiveDocs to take you stakeholder reporting to the next level.

Where is 6clicks hosted?

6clicks is hosted on the globally distributed Microsoft Azure network, ensuring its presence in multiple locations worldwide. These locations include Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and the UAE. This strategic setup allows for data sovereignty compliance, and enhanced performance, reliability, and accessibility, as users can connect to the nearest server location, resulting in a seamless and efficient experience regardless of their geographic location.

Can I invite other people across my company to use 6clicks?

We take pride in offering licensing plans for businesses that come with the added advantage of unlimited users. This means you have the freedom to invite and engage as many users as you need to participate in your risk and compliance processes. With our inclusive approach, you can collaborate seamlessly across your organization without any restrictions on user numbers, making risk management and compliance a breeze.

Does 6clicks charge per user license?

One of the key factors that makes 6clicks highly appealing is its unlimited user licensing, setting it apart from other solutions. This unique feature ensures that your finance team can enjoy predictable costs, enabling better budgeting and financial planning. With 6clicks, you can have confidence in managing your expenses effectively while accommodating all the users you need without any limitations.


Discover how Hub & Spoke helps balance control and autonomy for GRC programs across distributed teams.