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Partnering with 6clicks

In joining 6clicks’ Partner Program, you unlock new revenue opportunities through growing and scaling your businesses with 6clicks.

Our partner promise


Welcome to the 6clicks Partner Program! By joining us, you're not just signing up for a partnership; you're embarking on an exciting journey toward deeper client relationships and a new chapter of growth. This program isn’t just about earning additional recurring revenue—it’s a gateway to exclusive perks that are tailored just for our partners.

Before you dive in, make sure to register as a partner. This is your first step in our shared path to success.

We’ve put together a handy guide that outlines our Partner segmentation framework, the benefits awaiting you, and some quick references to make sure your experience is both smooth and rewarding.

Thank you for coming on board. Together, we’re set to grow and achieve more.


 Craig Adams CRO 6clicks

Craig Adams

Chief Revenue Officer

6clicks Partner Program Guide

Onboarding guide for partners: Maximize your revenue potential with 6clicks

Program overview

Welcome to our Partner Program, where collaboration meets success! At 6clicks, we pride ourselves on fostering dynamic partnerships that empower businesses to thrive. Whether you operate under a resale model or provide managed services, our programme is tailored to meet your unique needs. Our goal is to streamline your experience by offering a unified set of terms for all partner engagements, making it effortless to work with us and unlock endless opportunities to support mutual growth. As a 100% channel-focused business, we are committed to exclusively transacting through our valued partners, never direct, opening up the potential for inbound leads to highlight our desire to reward and nurture you as a 6clicks partner.

The 6clicks Partner Program ("Program") empowers participants in good standing ("Participant") to use, refer, sell, market, and implement 6clicks. This Guide describes the policies, benefits, and requirements applicable to the Program. Participant employees should review and understand this Guide in order to maximize Program benefits.

The Program is designed for companies that:

  • Use 6clicks to streamline the delivery of their advisory or managed services offerings.
  • Deploy 6clicks for use by their clients for audit, assessment, remediation or the ongoing operation of their cyber, risk and compliance program.
  • Provide implementations for or related to 6clicks platform, including consulting, outsourcing, subcontracting, or custom application development.
  • Drive sales of 6clicks, including deal referrals, resale of commercially available products or packaged services for a customer’s own internal use, outsourcing, or offering domain-separated service provider solutions.

In summary, the Program enables partners to:

  • Refer new leads to 6clicks
  • Re-sell 6clicks to their end customers
  • Tech-enable their Managed Services to multiple clients

Learn more about the benefits for advisors & MSPs working with 6clicks.

Program highlights

  • Access to our unique Hub & Spoke platform to streamline your service delivery and delight your clients
  • Access to restricted content on the 6clicks Partner Portal
  • Access to 6clicks non-production instances for demonstrations and discounts for internal-use accounts
  • Listing of company logo, profile, and expertise on the Partner Directory page
  • Ability to monetize leads and sales efforts

Program segments

At 6clicks, we've structured our program into distinct segments to align with your organization's success, expertise, customer base, and commitment. These segments, known as Explore, Ascend and Summit, offer varying levels of engagement and benefits tailored to your specific needs and achievements. Rather than a hierarchical model, our goal has been to ensure that each segment represents a diverse range of participants, avoiding any implication of differing competency levels. Membership is awarded following a review of your application, and includes an initial one-time fee of $5,000 USD for Participants entering the Ascend or Summit segment. 6clicks will credit this amount towards your first client sale.

The Participant segments are:

  • Explore - Referral Partners
  • Ascend - Re-sale / Managed Service Partners
  • Summit - Re-sale / Managed Service Partners

Each segment is tailored to group participants with similar characteristics, such as annual revenue, certified resources, or depth of expertise. This approach ensures that every participant receives benefits that are well-suited to their specific group and related needs. We've intentionally avoided using a tier-based hierarchical model to prevent any implication of differing levels of competency, investment, and success among our partners. Each segment is vital to 6clicks, and every group within these segments receives tailored benefits, recognizing their unique attributes and contributions.

Minimum level qualifications

The Partner Program does not impose minimum level qualifications on Participants. However, there is an expectation that partners will:

  • Refer at least one deal to 6clicks per quarter.
  • Participate in approved marketing activities such as webinars, guest blogs, podcast appearances, or social media campaigns.
  • Complete the 6clicks technical enablement & certification program.

Successful partners tend to be those that:

  • Focus on cybersecurity as a core competency, whether as a value added reseller (VARs), systems integrator or managed service provider.
  • Have existing GRC expertise in their team, including familiarity with the IT Risk and Security Compliance domains, across a variety of frameworks.
  • Have a dedicated sales & marketing function for new logo acquisition and expansion of existing relationships.

More information

Feel free to reach out for assistance either by submitting an inquiry through the 6clicks Partner Portal or by emailing

Program benefits

Benefits at-a-glance

Table 1 - Benefits-at-a-glance below identifies Program benefits available to Participants across the Partner Program.

Partner Program Benefits-at-a-glance
Benefit Explore Ascend Summit
Access 6clicks Partner Portal X X X
Access 6clicks Hub(s)   1 As required
Standard assessment-only spoke plan   X X
Custom assessment-only spoke plan     X
6clicks partner directory listing   X X
Strategic business planning & review   X X
Executive Sponsor with quarterly review     X
Refer deals to 6clicks X X X
Access to Channel Account Manager   X X
6clicks demonstration accounts   1 spoke As required
Discounted internal-use spoke   X X
Press releases   X X
Program badge   X X
Participation in joint sales and marketing planning   X X
Advisor certification   X X
Eligible to participate in the Partner Advisor Board     X
Deploy private instances on Microsoft Azure     X


6clicks Partner Portal

6clicks offers Program benefits and communications via the Partner Portal, where Participants can access information regarding Program updates, news, alerts, promotions, sales tools, and marketing materials to aid in their business development.


6clicks Enablement Materials

A Participant’s 6clicks partnership experience entails a robust base of education, tools, and resources to empower the Participant to pursue business opportunities and achieve success. Product materials can be accessed through the 6clicks Partner Portal.

Access 6clicks Hubs

6clicks Hubs serve as an organizational tool for your team, service offerings, and business structure. Each Hub can be personalized with unique branding, embedded content, and base configuration, allowing you to tailor them to specific needs. Whether it's aligning client cohorts, service offerings, geographies, or team access requirements, Hubs offer customizable solutions.

Additionally, Hubs can be deployed across different instances of 6clicks globally. This ensures data security and compliance regardless of your business location. Join our Partner Program today to leverage the versatility and compliance capabilities of 6clicks Hubs for your organization.

Learn more about Hub & Spoke for advisors & MSPs:

Standard assessment-only spoke plan

The assessment only Spoke allows for unlimited audits and assessments with typically up to 5 clients. Additional assessment only Spokes will be chargeable. 

Free assessor

Review further information about inclusions on the pricing page in our Partner Portal here or get in touch with your Channel Account Manager.

Custom assessment-only spoke plan

Just like with the standard assessment-only plan, we collaborate with you to agree on volumes, pricing, and deployment scenarios. This ensures a scalable commercial model that is well-aligned with your business model and go-to-market strategy.

Partner directory listing on 6clicks website

Participants who have attained Ascend or Summit segment status are featured on the Partner Directory page on the 6clicks website. This listing provides relevant information for each Participant, product expertise, and other pertinent details.

Explore Participants are not eligible for the Partner Directory.

Strategic business planning & review eligibility

Participants in the Ascend and Summit segments have the opportunity to engage in bi-annual (for Ascend) or quarterly (for Summit) Strategic Business Review meetings with 6clicks professionals, executives, and global leadership.

These sessions delve deeply into the challenges and achievements of Participants across their services business, covering areas such as certified resources, product implementation capabilities, customer satisfaction, and other partnership elements.

Refer deals to 6clicks

Participants who have relationships with potential 6clicks customers and wish to monetize their leads and sales efforts may refer those companies to the 6clicks sales team. Participants may earn referral fees by driving sales engagements, provided that the engagement results in a successful sale. Participants who are ineligible for referral compensation may register Referral with Fee deals only for program credit in the Deal Registration tool. More detailed information is available in the Deal Registration Terms and Conditions on the 6clicks Partner Portal.

6clicks demo instances

Participants who have attained Ascend or Summit segment status receive access to demo accounts for continuous training, product familiarization, solution development, and conducting demonstrations for customers.

Access is exclusively granted for non-production purposes and remains active throughout the duration of the Participant’s membership in the Program.

The number of instances provisioned is determined based on their category within the program as follows:

Discounted internal-use spoke 

The internal use account (Spoke) provided to 6clicks participants in the Partner Program offers significant benefits, as it enables them to utilize the full capabilities of the 6clicks platform within their own organization for production use. This account serves as a live environment, allowing participants to implement and utilize 6clicks solutions in their day-to-day operations without any restrictions. It provides a practical platform for participants to deploy and integrate 6clicks solutions seamlessly into their workflows, empowering them to drive efficiency, compliance, and risk management within their organizations. Additionally, the internal use account serves as a valuable demonstration tool, allowing participants to showcase the effectiveness of 6clicks solutions to internal stakeholders and prospective clients, thereby fostering greater adoption and success across the organization.

For Ascend and Summit segment partners, please contact your Channel Account Manager for more information and pricing.

Program segment badge

Participants in good standing are encouraged to utilize the 6clicks brand to showcase their Program membership. Badges are provided to Ascend and Summit Partners and can be incorporated into advertisements, websites, customer communications, and other marketing materials.

For any inquiries or additional information, Participants may submit questions through the Submit an enquiry on the 6clicks Partner Portal.

Program press releases

To aid Participant marketing endeavors, 6clicks offers Ascend and Summit Participants press release templates for announcing their inclusion in the 6clicks Partner Program or transition within a Program Segment.

Please consult the Press Release Guidelines available in the Marketing section of the 6clicks Partner Portal.

Participation in joint sales and marketing planning

Ascend and Summit partners have the opportunity to collaborate with global or regionally-based Channel Development Managers to develop an annual go-to-market plan with 6clicks. The format and requirements of the plan are determined by the assigned 6clicks marketing manager and must outline goals, objectives, and actionable tactics aimed at enhancing 6clicks sales, market expansion, or customer engagement. Approved plans must include a commitment for execution from both the Participants and 6clicks before implementation.

Contact your Channel Account Manager to learn more.

Advisor certification

The 6clicks Advisor & MSP Partner Certification Program is designed to equip our partners with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage the 6clicks platform effectively for their client management and service delivery needs. Through this program, partners will develop a foundational understanding of the features and functionality of 6clicks, at both the partner Hub and client Spokes level. This is achieved through a series of self-guided tasks and interactive sessions with a member of the 6clicks technical team, ensuring that partners are equipped with the expertise needed to provide exceptional value to their clients.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding the 6clicks Certification Program, partners are encouraged to reach out to their dedicated 6clicks Channel Account Manager. They will provide guidance and support throughout the certification process, ensuring that partners have a seamless and productive learning experience.

Contact your Channel Account Manager to learn more.

Eligible to participate in the Partner Advisory Board

Joining our Partner Advisory Board is an exclusive opportunity available to participants who have attained Summit partnership status within the 6clicks Partner Program. The Partner Advisory Board serves as a platform for partners to provide detailed feedback on our products, services, roadmap, and customer support. It also facilitates networking with peer organizations, allowing you to gain insights into how others are leveraging 6clicks in the market. As a member of the Partner Advisory Board, you will have the chance to participate in product feedback surveys and attend online group meetings, typically lasting around 1 hour.

These sessions will be attended by 6clicks product and customer success teams, as well as a select group of partners. You'll have the opportunity to share your opinions on what's working well, areas for improvement, specific end-client feedback, and collaborate on functional enhancements and feature designs. Joining the Partner Advisory Board enables you to have a direct impact on the future development of 6clicks products and services while fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the partner community.

Contact your Channel Account Manager to learn more.

Deploy private instances on Microsoft Azure

Participants who have attained Summit partnership status within the 6clicks Partner Program gain access to the ability to deploy an instance of 6clicks on their own Azure subscription. This empowers Summit partners with the flexibility to configure the platform according to the specific needs of their target market. Leveraging turn-key deployment options, Summit partners can seamlessly integrate 6clicks into their existing infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. This platform serves as a comprehensive solution for addressing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) challenges, empowering partners to automate and scale their engagements effectively while helping their clients navigate complex regulatory landscapes and achieve compliance objectives efficiently. Additionally, Summit partners have the ability to control pricing within their market or community, enabling them to align pricing structures with their business objectives and market dynamics, ultimately optimizing revenue streams and maximizing profitability.

Learn more about Hub & Spoke for advisors & MSPs:

Roles and support resources

Channel Account Manager

The Channel Account Manager is your dedicated resource for expanding and nurturing your 6clicks relationship, developing joint lead generation programmes, driving growth, and maximising mutual success. They will work with you to build a shared plan, track performance, allocate resources, support you in the sales cycle, and provide training and development opportunities for your team.

Not sure who your Channel Account Manager is?   Email us at

Terms and conditions

This 6clicks Partner Program Guide (“guide”) establishes the rules and policies governing participation in the 6clicks partner program (“program”). All rights and benefits of the program are conditional on adherence to this guide in its latest version. 6clicks may revise this guide periodically through its partner portal, and participants (“participant”) must stay informed about any changes. 6clicks reserves the right to administer, modify, or limit/deny participation and benefits of the program described herein at its discretion based on published program rules. Updates to this guide will be communicated to the administrator email addresses provided by all participants and posted on the 6clicks partner portal. The terms of this guide are subject to the terms of the 6clicks partner agreement between 6clicks and each participant that references this guide. 6clicks makes no warranties regarding this guide or the information contained herein and disclaims liability for damages, including direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, and special damages arising from reliance on this guide.

To join the program, each legal entity must apply, meet the program's membership criteria, sign a separate agreement with 6clicks, and receive a welcome email from 6clicks confirming the entity's appointment to the program. An affiliate, subsidiary, or acquired company cannot access the rights granted under a parent or affiliated entity’s partner agreement without 6clicks' written consent, although 6clicks may allow affiliates to aggregate certain information to meet minimum participation requirements in some cases. In the event of acquisitions, mergers, or other business combinations, the membership status of the surviving entity and the operational status of the acquired or merged entity will determine the applicable membership for the newly formed entity. Participants must notify 6clicks in advance of planned corporate structure changes to allow for approval or rejection of the impact of such changes on participation in a partner program.

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a 6clicks partner?

To become a 6clicks partner, please complete the partner application form available here. Once submitted, one of our partner management team will contact you to discuss the next steps and review your application in detail.

What happens after I submit the application form?

After you submit the application form, a member of our partner management team will reach out to you. This contact is part of our review process, where we discuss your application, clarify any questions, and provide further information about the membership process.

What are the costs associated with the 6clicks Partner Program?

A one-time initial fee of $5,000 USD is required for participants entering the Ascend or Summit segments. This fee covers the costs associated with the training and certification of your advisors for 6clicks. Additionally, this fee is credited toward the licensing fees associated with your first deployment of 6clicks with clients, effectively reducing your initial operational costs.

What type of training and certification will I receive?

Certification is provided through a virtual classroom format initially coupled with some self-guided tasks. This method ensures that all participants receive consistent and comprehensive training.

Can I request certification for additional advisors down the track?

Yes, additional certifications are available upon request. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and available options.

How long does the 6clicks certification process take?

The certification process typically takes around 2 hours and is delivered virtually. This streamlined format is designed to efficiently equip participants with the necessary skills without significant downtime.

What referral benefits do I get for referring new customers to 6clicks?

As an Explore partner, when you refer a new customer to 6clicks and this results in a successful sale, you are eligible to receive referral fees. These fees are provided as an incentive to encourage on-going sales engagements.  

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