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6clicks Fabric for GSIs: Tailoring cybersecurity GRC programs for global markets

Andrew Robinson |

March 6, 2024
6clicks Fabric for GSIs: Tailoring cybersecurity GRC programs for global markets

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6clicks Fabric for GSIs: Tailoring cybersecurity GRC programs for global markets


Robust cybersecurity measures and the effective and safe implementation of IT infrastructure are critical for organizations to successfully do business in the modern digital economy. This provides an opportunity for advisors, managed service providers, and Global System Integrators (GSIs) to bridge the gap between enterprises and the technology solutions that can help them fulfill their objectives.

GSIs enable enterprises worldwide to effectively transition to digital technologies, processes, and strategies in order to achieve their web-scale IT vision. In this article, we will explore the pivotal role that GSIs play in enterprise digital transformation and how 6clicks Fabric can empower GSIs to build cybersecurity GRC programs that comply with international standards and meet the bespoke requirements of diverse markets.

What are GSIs and how do they influence the cybersecurity GRC implementation of enterprises?

GSIs are large firms that provide enterprises with end-to-end services starting from consulting to implementation and management of digital solutions. Prime examples of GSIs are IBM and Accenture, which have extensive industry expertise, resources, and partnerships with leading technology vendors.

In essence, GSIs help enterprises understand, design, develop, and integrate emerging solutions such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cyber security into their IT infrastructure. They offer technical knowledge and best practices that enable enterprises to manage complex IT landscapes and optimize their existing IT systems and operations to align with their strategic priorities.

With their authority in various disciplines such as cyber security and risk and compliance management, GSIs can guide enterprises in deploying and configuring cutting-edge cyber security technologies and tools, ensuring that their IT systems comply with specific regulatory standards, frameworks, and security requirements across the different jurisdictions in which they operate.

By equipping enterprises with agile and scalable technology infrastructures and robust cybersecurity GRC programs, enterprises can maximize their performance and accelerate digital growth.

The challenges of navigating the cybersecurity compliance landscape

As enterprises expand to new territories, it is more challenging to unify their current IT systems and cyber security practices with international regulations and compliance requirements.

The following are the key challenges we see.

Diverse cyber security requirements

Different countries and regions impose unique regulatory compliance obligations on global enterprises, including the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) by the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States. Cyber security requirements also differ and become more complex for specific sectors such as finance and healthcare.

Data sovereignty requirements

Cross-border data transfers and international data-sharing are governed by multiple laws and regulations. Global organizations must practice data sovereignty and ensure compliance with data protection laws when collecting, processing, and distributing data across different jurisdictions.

Supply chain risks

Enterprises rely on external entities like suppliers, vendors, and partners that make up their supply chains. Part of the considerations for cybersecurity compliance that enterprises must prioritize include managing potential risks across their supply chains and establishing security policies to ensure that third-party stakeholders adhere to data privacy and other regulatory requirements.

Technology integration and optimization

Global enterprises must be able to integrate advanced cyber security technologies into their IT infrastructure such as endpoint management software and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and optimize them to provide comprehensive protection against diverse cyber threats.

GSIs address all these challenges by leveraging their extensive understanding of both global and local regulations, enabling them to offer enterprises customized solutions that meet international benchmarks for cyber security and data protection.

In addition to facilitating global compliance, GSIs also help enterprises develop vendor risk management programs that allow them to safely transact with third-party entities and cater to markets worldwide while still maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture.

Lastly, GSIs can help enterprises properly wield powerful cloud infrastructure comprising various networking, operating system, and database services, and ensure cybersecurity compliance amidst a complex technological landscape.

Introducing 6clicks Hub & Spoke and 6clicks Fabric

Recognizing the needs of both distributed organizations and managed service providers, 6clicks redefines the traditional GRC platform by pioneering AI-powered GRC solutions and introducing a multi-tenant architecture called Hub & Spoke.

6clicks’ Hub & Spoke revolutionizes how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) deploy cybersecurity GRC programs for their clients. Using the Hub & Spoke, MSPs can create separate yet integrated environments for their clients called ‘Spokes’ while the Hub is where they can manage client engagements, deploy content, and aggregate reporting across Spokes.

Now, with our latest innovation, 6clicks Fabric empowers GSIs to deploy the 6clicks GRC platform, including all of its Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance modules, within their own Microsoft Azure Private Clouds or those they operate on behalf of their clients.

Full Feature-1-1

6clicks Fabric allows GSIs to offer tailored GRC solutions that address the varying regulatory and cybersecurity needs of global markets.

Other benefits of 6clicks Fabric include:

Customization and flexibility

6clicks Fabric introduces enhanced customization and flexibility in GRC program development, allowing GSIs to provide their clients with better control over configuration and deployment to meet their specific needs. With 6clicks Fabric, GSIs can leverage the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, including cloud scalability and security, to ensure that GRC solutions are robust and adaptable to any market’s requirements.

Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance

The 6clicks platform supports the latest standards and frameworks like the NIST CSF and ISO 27001, enabling GSIs to seamlessly integrate essential compliance and security requirements as well as data sovereignty practices into the broader IT ecosystems of their clients. GSIs can also provide their clients with access to hundreds of up-to-date laws, regulations, templates, and other authority documents from various trusted sources through the 6clicks Content Library.

Technological innovation

On top of its comprehensive cybersecurity risk and compliance modules, GSIs can take advantage of 6clicks’ AI and machine learning capabilities and position themselves at the forefront of innovation. Through Hailey, 6clicks’ AI engine, organizations can streamline processes including compliance and control mapping and automate labor-intensive tasks such as answering assessments, thus augmenting various risk and compliance activities.

Global accessibility

With the availability of the 6clicks platform on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, GSIs can extend their reach to a global audience, facilitating seamless adoption of robust cybersecurity GRC solutions and opening opportunities for collaboration and partnership with other providers and leading organizations.

GSIs leading the way in cybersecurity GRC using 6clicks Fabric

Several GSIs are already pioneering cybersecurity GRC programs tailored to diverse markets using 6clicks Fabric and the 6clicks platform. Here are a few case studies of leading GSIs that have adopted innovative approaches and are harnessing 6clicks’ capabilities to overcome cybersecurity compliance challenges:

  • Global financial services integration – A recognized GSI utilized 6clicks to develop a unified cyber security framework for a multinational bank. It successfully addressed DORA requirements across Europe and state-specific regulations in the US, enhancing the financial institution’s operational resilience and compliance.
  • Healthcare compliance transformation – Implementing 6clicks on Azure, a GSI enabled a healthcare provider to meet stringent data protection and privacy standards across different regions, ensuring patient data security and regulatory compliance through a scalable cloud solution.

Develop robust and scalable cybersecurity GRC solutions for global enterprises with 6clicks

Tap wider markets and fulfill the distinct cybersecurity compliance needs of your clients on a global scale by making the most of the 6clicks platform on Microsoft Azure.

Andrew Robinson

Written by Andrew Robinson

Andrew started his career in the startup world and went on to perform in cyber and information security advisory roles for the Australian Federal Government and several Victorian Government entities. Andrew has a Masters in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism (PICT) specialising in Cyber Security and holds IRAP, ISO 27001 LA, CISSP, CISM and SCF certifications.