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Empowering enterprises: Get in control with your own GRC SaaS platform-in-a-box

Andrew Robinson |

March 6, 2024
Empowering enterprises: Get in control with your own GRC SaaS platform-in-a-box

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Empowering enterprises: Get in control with your own GRC SaaS platform-in-a-box


In today's dynamic business landscape, enterprises are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations, improve the value they deliver to their customers, and build resilience against various threats. As GRC practices become deeply infused into an organization’s technology ecosystem, maintaining control over the data produced in risk and compliance activities becomes a top priority for enterprises.

6clicks’ latest innovation, the 6clicks Fabric, addresses this challenge by enabling large organizations to deploy the 6clicks platform within their private Microsoft Azure Cloud environments and effectively manage data from their GRC programs. Let’s dive into the components of 6clicks Fabric and the different ways it can benefit enterprises.

What is 6clicks Fabric?

6clicks Fabric allows enterprises and managed service providers to purchase the 6clicks app from the Azure Marketplace. This means that organizations with existing infrastructures hosted in Azure can set up an instance of the 6clicks platform in their private cloud(s) and implement GRC programs that can meet their unique needs.

The 6clicks platform incorporates 6clicks’ GRC modules including Risk Management, Compliance Management, Vendor Risk Management, Audit & Assessment, Policy & Control Management, and more. With 6clicks Fabric, enterprises can now leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of the 6clicks platform while maximizing the scalability, cost-effectiveness, and other benefits of Microsoft Azure.

What are the advantages of deploying your own GRC platform on Microsoft Azure?

Through 6clicks Fabric, enterprises can have an off-the-shelf, cloud-based GRC platform that offers better accessibility, enhanced security, and flexibility for customization and configuration according to their specific requirements. Here are different ways that your organization can benefit from hosting the 6clicks platform in your private Azure Cloud:

Comprehensive data security

Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive suite of security services that allow organizations to safely manage sensitive data. By deploying the 6clicks platform on Azure, enterprises can leverage advanced security features and infrastructure implementations such as encryption, threat prevention and detection, network segmentation, as well as real-time security alerts and threat intelligence reports to ensure that all business data is safeguarded at all times.

Data sovereignty

Supporting data sovereignty and compliance, Microsoft Azure is certified and compliant with various international standards and regulations governing cross-border data flows such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO 27001. With 6clicks on Azure, organizations can share and transfer risk and compliance data across jurisdictions while maintaining compliance with data protection laws in different countries and territories.

Scalability and sustainability

One of the best features of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform is the scalability and sustainability that it provides organizations. With cloud data centers deployed all over the globe and elastic SQL database pools that retain optimal performance, Azure enables enterprises to scale and replicate infrastructure as their business operations expand. That said, enterprises can seamlessly integrate the 6clicks platform into their existing ecosystem, ensuring that they have all the necessary resources to accommodate growth.

Integration and compatibility

Compared to other cloud solutions, Azure provides easier implementation and extensive integration capabilities through its rich ecosystem of services and APIs, allowing organizations to harness third-party solutions to automate workflows and increase operational efficiency. By hosting 6clicks on Microsoft Azure, enterprises can connect the 6clicks platform to other tools and applications to augment their cyber risk and compliance management processes.


Leveraging Azure credits is a cost-effective strategy for some organizations with existing commitments, offering a flexible alternative to the costs of hardware or SaaS subscriptions. This approach enables tailored cloud spending, avoiding upfront hardware expenses and recurring SaaS fees. With Azure credits, businesses can optimize their cloud infrastructure costs while accessing Azure's scalable and reliable services, ensuring budget efficiency and fostering innovation.

What are the features of the 6clicks platform?

6clicks’ AI-powered and integrated GRC platform is custom-built to enable distributed organizations to unify their risk and compliance management processes and establish a resilient GRC strategy. Here’s what makes 6clicks the ideal GRC solution for enterprises looking for a robust and scalable platform that can meet their evolving needs:

Multi-entity architecture

The 6clicks platform is designed with a multi-tenant architecture known as the Hub & Spoke. The ‘Hub’ serves as an enterprise’s control center that allows them to set up ‘Spokes’ or linked environments where their teams, departments, or divisions can conduct various risk and compliance activities. Enterprises can also distribute content and define workflows at the Hub, with all data and reports from the Spokes consolidated at the Hub. Through an integrated platform, enterprises can have better visibility and control over the autonomous functions in their GRC processes, ultimately breaking down silos.

Cyber risk and compliance

Managing your organization’s risks, policies, and compliance obligations becomes a streamlined process through 6clicks’ Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Management solutions. Perform risk reviews within the Risk Register to categorize and assess your organization’s risks and customize workflows to track the entire risk lifecycle from identification to treatment and monitoring. Meanwhile, you can create or import your policies and controls and map them onto compliance requirements to identify gaps. With 6clicks, you can foster a culture of risk awareness and compliance across your entire organization.

AI automation and innovation

One of the world’s first AI engines built for GRC, 6clicks pioneered Hailey way back in 2019 and continues to innovate through natural language processing, machine learning, and most recently, retrieval-augmented generation to aid organizations in adopting a proactive approach to GRC. With its advanced mapping capabilities, Hailey can instantly analyze your internal policies and controls and compare them against compliance standards, regulations, and other authority documents to show overlaps and areas of non-compliance. Hailey can also answer audits and assessments by learning from historical data and create a crosswalk between different compliance requirements, enabling users to understand their level of compliance through a single audit or assessment. With Hailey, what takes risk and compliance professionals hours or days can be done in a few clicks.

Integrated content

Enterprises can take advantage of built-in content including risk libraries, audit and assessment templates, control sets, report templates, as well as authority documents like standards, laws, and frameworks. The 6clicks Content Library consists of hundreds of content packs carefully curated from official sources and tailored to diverse use cases and industries. Organizations have an Exclusive Library where they can upload their own content or content from the Public Library. By utilizing the 6clicks platform, enterprises can maximize ready-to-use content for their risk and compliance activities.

Powerful reporting and analytics

Lastly, gain an in-depth understanding of your risk and compliance posture with 6clicks’ Reporting and Analytics feature. Harness 6clicks’ customizable dashboards and templated reports to easily get the data you need. Generate reports in a single click using 6clicks’ Pixel Perfect or create interactive report presentations using LiveDocs. With 6clicks’ reporting and analytics module, enterprises can unlock data-driven insights to facilitate informed decision-making.

Instantly deploy an enterprise-grade GRC platform via Microsoft Azure

Leverage the combined power of 6clicks and Microsoft Azure and enhance your organization’s resilience and agility by hosting the 6clicks platform in your private Cloud.

Andrew Robinson

Written by Andrew Robinson

Andrew started his career in the startup world and went on to perform in cyber and information security advisory roles for the Australian Federal Government and several Victorian Government entities. Andrew has a Masters in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism (PICT) specialising in Cyber Security and holds IRAP, ISO 27001 LA, CISSP, CISM and SCF certifications.