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Global Systems Integrators & Telcos

Streamline service delivery and provide a turn-key GRC platform to your clients

Imagine your own GRC platform hosted on Microsoft Azure configured specifically for your target market.

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Hear from 6clicks CEO

An overview of 6clicks Fabric

Learn how 6clicks Fabric helps underpin your managed services business, enables your advisors to automate and scale their engagements and provides a solution to help your clients with the operational challenges associated with risk and compliance.



Under the hood: Hub & Spoke

Power your advisory and managed services at scale


6clicks' unique Hub & Spoke architecture enables rapid deployment and automated management of GRC engagements for firms and their clients. 

Central Hub oversees client engagements, with free and unlimited advisor access and usage.
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Clients created as Spokes, all connected to the Hub, enabling the distribution of best practice IP, access management and aggregate benchmarking.
With free and unlimited client audits and assessments, billing is triggered only when a client team is upgraded to a full feature Spoke.
Hub & Spoke For Professional & Managed Services

About 6clicks Fabric

Innovation tailored to your market

Take control of how and where you deploy 6clicks. With turn-key deployment from the Microsoft Azure network, you can customize and configure your 6clicks environment to meet your deployment and security requirements. You also have complete control over pricing within your market or community. 


Control and scale benefits

  • Control billing process and pricing models
  • Define and manage your embedded content across the instance
  • Build and integrate alongside your current systems and applications
  • Control security and access
  • Embed your own training and help
  • Extensive branding control, including your domain name
  • Hosted in a region of your choice to satisfy local requirements
  • Custom language and localization
  • Use your own Microsoft arrangements and management capability
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6clicks Fabric hosted on Microsoft Azure

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 6clicks Fabric?

6clicks Fabric is a revolutionary solution that empowers the global deployment of GRC instances, providing partners with unparalleled control, flexibility, and scalability. With the ability to deploy new instances worldwide in a matter of hours, 6clicks Fabric offers access to continuous and automated innovation from 6clicks. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, it is specifically designed for global systems integrators and telcos, enabling them to leverage the benefits of ultimate control and seamless scalability for their compliance and risk management needs.

Read the backstory of 6clicks Fabric here.

Can we customize 6clicks Fabric for our own market needs?

Yes, absolutely! 6clicks Fabric is designed to be highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the platform to your unique market requirements. Whether you need to adapt domain names (i.e. or content across the platform, we provide robust customization options to ensure the platform aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Which cloud platforms do you support to host 6clicks Fabric?

Our exclusive support for Microsoft Azure is driven by our strategic partnership with Microsoft and the inherent advantages offered by the Azure platform. By aligning with Azure, we can leverage its advanced capabilities in areas such as security, scalability, and reliability to enhance the performance and functionality of 6clicks Fabric. Additionally, Microsoft Azure has become widely accepted and aligned with the needs of the enterprise market, making it the ideal choice for organizations seeking a trusted and proven cloud solution. The extensive adoption of Azure within the enterprise space underscores its reliability, compliance adherence, and support for industry standards, further validating our decision to exclusively support Microsoft Azure as the preferred cloud platform for 6clicks Fabric.

Can I integrate 6clicks Fabric with other software and systems?

Yes, you can integrate 6clicks with other software and systems. Our platform is equipped with a robust API platform, allowing seamless integration with a wide range of third-party applications and systems. Whether you need to connect with CRM software, ERP systems, project management tools, or other business applications, our API platform provides the flexibility to facilitate smooth data exchange and workflow integration. Additionally, our product and engineering teams are available to provide support and advice on effective integration patterns and approaches, ensuring a seamless and optimized integration experience tailored to your specific needs.

How do you help use and run a 6clicks Fabric instance?

We offer comprehensive training and support across three streams of enablement to empower you to effectively run, sell and use 6clicks:

Sales enablement

Our sales enablement stream provides in-depth training on positioning and selling 6clicks solutions. We equip your sales teams with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively communicate the value proposition of 6clicks to prospective clients. This includes understanding key features, benefits, and use cases, as well as overcoming common objections and effectively demonstrating the platform's capabilities.

Consultant and advisor enablement

The advisory enablement stream focuses on training your team on how to use 6clicks for advisory services and to underpin managed services. Whether you're an advisor guiding clients through compliance and risk management processes or an end-user responsible for administering and using the platform, we provide comprehensive training tailored to your role and responsibilities. This includes guidance on conducting risk assessments, managing compliance tasks, generating reports, and utilizing advanced features to maximize the value of 6clicks.

Administration and hosting enablement

For administrators responsible for managing the platform and hosting environment, we offer specialized training and support. This stream covers topics such as platform administration, user management, customization options, and integration with other systems. Additionally, we provide guidance on hosting environments, ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability for 6clicks deployments.

How does the pricing of 6clicks Fabric work?

Our pricing for 6clicks Fabric offers flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of your organization and clients. You have the option to license the entire platform and run it as your own, paying based on the number of hosted instances deployed along with the number of your advisors accessing the platform, ensuring you only pay for actual usage. When deploying for clients, we offer a free tier for initial assessment work with clients and then scaled pricing based on client size. Our pricing model is transparent, customizable, and supported by dedicated assistance to help you maximize the value of 6clicks Fabric for your compliance and risk management needs.

What are the key features of 6clicks?

6clicks is a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform designed to streamline and enhance an organization's compliance program, manage risks, and build trust.

Here are its key features:

  • Artificial Intelligence Powered: Leverages Hailey, an artificial intelligence engine for risk and compliance, to automate tasks and provide insights.
  • Unique Hub & Spoke Architecture: Supports multi-tenant usage with a design that allows deployment of multiple teams connected to a central hub, facilitating federated, multi-team structures.
  • Comprehensive Content Library: Offers access to hundreds of standards, control sets, assessment templates, libraries, and playbooks, ensuring users have all necessary resources at their fingertips.
  • Risk Management: Automates and optimizes the entire risk lifecycle, including identification, assessment, mitigation, remediation, and reporting.
  • Audit & Assessment: Streamlines the audit management lifecycle, minimizing manual tasks and enhancing collaboration among team members.
  • Issues & Incident Management: Modernizes tracking with visibility, insights, and intelligent remediation.
  • Policy & Control Management: Facilitates efficient internal control management with actionable tasks involving employees across the organization.
  • Vendor Risk Management: Provides a robust assessment process for third-party suppliers to manage supply chain risks.
  • Asset Management: Helps manage information assets and link them to risks, issues, and third parties.
  • Custom Registers and Vulnerability Management: Supports managing compliance data and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  • Projects & Playbook Automation: Offers project management and playbook procedure automation using templates or custom creations.
  • Custom Report Generator: Allows users to define templates for custom reports.
  • Trust Portal and Compliance Mapping: Facilitates demonstration of a company’s commitment to risk and compliance and understanding overlap between standards and regulations.
  • Policy Gap Analysis and Audit & Assessment Crosswalking: Helps understand internal controls’ overlap with external compliance requirements and use audit results against other requirements.
  • Generative AI for Audits, Assessments, Controls, & Policies: Employs generative AI to expedite processes and create policy descriptions.

6clicks is highlighted for its AI capabilities, unique architecture, and integrated content library, making it a powerful tool for businesses looking to manage risk and compliance efficiently. Users appreciate its ease of use, customization options, and the ability to manage various aspects of GRC from a single platform. For more detailed information, you can explore 6clicks' official website.

Create a sticky, digital channel with your clients

Scale your advisory or MSP business faster and easier with your own hosted branded, multi-tenant GRC platform.
We will cover in your discovery call:
  • Your qualification and suitability to use 6clicks Fabric
  • A demonstration of the platform including our unique Hub & Spoke architecture
  • Answers to your questions in relation to our commercial, revenue sharing and pricing models
  • How to get going with 6clicks Fabric quickly and easily
  • Details about our unique partnership with Microsoft and what this means for you

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