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Cyber GRC

Learn how cyber GRC can help you, and the key capabilities you need.


Cyber GRC

Measure your cyber program outcomes



reduction in the time taken to complete risk assessments and remediation activities



cost savings on manual processes or using legacy monolithic tools not designed for your business



productivity improvement with ongoing compliance management and continuous monitoring

Choosing the right cyber GRC software

Ensuring strategic alignment and operational excellence.

What is cyber GRC software?

Cyber GRC software is a tailored tool crafted to enhance the management of cybersecurity operations within organizations. It consolidates three pivotal areas—governance, risk management, and compliance—into one cohesive platform. This integration allows businesses to methodically and efficiently govern their cybersecurity strategies. Recently coined, the term 'cyber GRC' reflects the evolving landscape of cybersecurity needs. It encompasses specialized requirements such as continuous monitoring, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence, which cybersecurity leaders, including CISOs, recognize as essential for integrating into their risk and compliance frameworks. This software not only streamlines processes but also ensures that cybersecurity measures are closely aligned with business goals and regulatory demands.

Why is cyber GRC software important?

Cyber GRC software is a game-changer for mid to large enterprises around the world, streamlining cybersecurity management with crucial tools. Here’s why it’s so essential:

  1. Everything in one place: It combines governance, risk management, and compliance into one platform, giving you total control with less hassle.
  2. Stronger defenses and rapid risk reduction: The software identifies and mitigates risks early, fortifying your security defenses comprehensively. Real-time monitoring allows for swift issue resolution, significantly reducing the likelihood of security breaches.

  3. Stay on the right side of regulation: Managing compliance with frameworks like IRAP, DORA, and CMMC can be complex. Cyber GRC software simplifies this process, helping you avoid costly penalties.

  4. Demonstrate trust: By being independently certified and maintaining a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS), this software not only secures your data but also proves to partners and customers that you prioritize security.

  5. Make smarter choices and justify investments: With comprehensive data and insights, the software supports informed decision-making aligned with business goals. Automating routine tasks reduces manual work, cutting costs, and demonstrating clear ROI—making it easier to justify cybersecurity investments.

In summary, Cyber GRC software is not just protective; it’s transformative, making cybersecurity management straightforward, cost-effective, and justifiable, while also enhancing trust through proven compliance and certification.

Who is cyber GRC software for?

Cyber GRC software is a must-have for businesses in industries where security and compliance are non-negotiable. Here’s who really needs it:

  • Financial services: Banks and financial institutions need to meet tough standards like SOC 2, APRA CPS 234, and SEC cybersecurity regulations rules to keep customer data safe. Notably, in January 2024, Jamie Dimond highlighted cyber threats as the number one risk to the industry, underscoring the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures.
  • Asset and portfolio managers: Given the massive stakes, arm's length control, and risks across diverse industries, asset and portfolio managers rely heavily on Cyber GRC software to oversee and protect vast amounts of financial assets efficiently.
  • Manufacturing and automotive: Companies in these sectors, especially those that deal across borders, use Cyber GRC software to comply with TISAX standards, ensuring their information security practices are top-notch.
  • Advisors & Managed Service Providers: These professionals need software to support their service delivery model from initial audit and assessment, remediation and then to providing managed services.  For different markets, larger, global systems integrators are choosing to host cyber GRC software on private cloud environments like Microsoft Azure.
  • Government and critical infrastructure: Given the federated nature of government, agencies and departments need to need to align with a range of standards and frameworks like FedRAMP in the U.S. and IRAP in Australia to protect public data and ensure systems are resilient.
  • Aerospace & defense: With the sensitivity and the critical requirements, the defense industry and contractors typically run major programs of different assets all dependent on extensive cybersecurity control and audit requirements in order to allow distribution to foreign markets..
In short, if you're in a field with high stakes for data security and stringent regulatory demands, Cyber GRC software isn't just helpful; it's essential. It keeps you compliant, secures your data, and simplifies the management of your cybersecurity obligations.

How cyber GRC software helps you

Go beyond tick-box risk and compliance for cyber with AI-powered solutions that engage the entire business

UI with callouts
Security compliance

Ensure compliance with cyber regulations

Develop and oversee IT and cyber compliance processes aligned with various security frameworks and standards. Connect IT and cyber compliance controls with assessment activities tailored to your organization’s unique security needs using the unique Hub & Spoke architecture to manage the federated structure of your business. Organize and optimize the procedures for documenting, investigating, and addressing IT compliance and control issues.


Manage a federated business structure

Effectively managing a federated business structure is streamlined with the 6clicks Hub & Spoke architecture. This model allows each subsidiary to operate semi-autonomously while aligning with the central entity’s strategic goals and compliance standards. It enhances operational efficiency and provides robust control and oversight across the federation.


Manage vendor risk effectively

Identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor IT vendor risks while also managing vendor compliance. Leverage automated workflows to accelerate registration and onboarding processes of IT vendors, conduct risk assessments, continuous vendor monitoring, and risk mitigation. Simplify due diligence by leveraging pre-defined questionnaires to assess vendor risks. Leverage powerful reports and analytics to gain deeper insights into vendor risks, compliance, and performance.


Actively manage IT and cyber risks

Implement a streamlined, proactive, and business-oriented strategy for IT and cyber risk management and mitigation. Maintain comprehensive records on IT and cyber risks, assets, processes, and controls. Evaluate, measure, monitor, and control IT and cyber risks using recognized IT risk assessment frameworks such as NIST, ISO, TISAX, and DORA. Handle issues through a complete closed-loop process encompassing issue investigation, action planning, and remediation.


Streamline control testing and evidence vollection

Automatically consolidate control testing results and evidence across industry frameworks on a single dashboard, covering all organizational controls—custom, application-specific, multi-cloud, and on-premise. Gain full visibility into ongoing assessments, relevant controls, and the resources evaluated, along with JSON-formatted evidence. Enhanced by connectors to popular VMS, EDR, AppSec, CSPM, and MDM tools, this integration streamlines compliance management and information flow.


Apply responsible AI to ensure your project succeeds

Advancements in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), including Generative AI and OpenAI's ChatGPT, underscore the necessity of Responsible AI for risk management. 6clicks offers a Responsible AI content pack featuring the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, ISO 42001, an AI Risk Library, an AI System Impact Assessment Template, and an AI Control Set. Integrated with its Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) capabilities, 6clicks helps CISOs and IT Risk Managers assess and enhance AI practices, streamline compliance, and conduct thorough security risk assessments, ensuring responsible AI & ML deployment.

Features and capabilities of cyber GRC software

The key features and capabilities of cyber GRC software that essential for effective cybersecurity management.

Platform, hosting and security

Platform Capabilities
Platform cloud hosting
Microsoft Azure (including Government cloud options)
Data storage and sovereignty
Australia, United States, United Kingdom or Germany
Access security
Single or multi factor
Data encryption
In transit and at rest (AES 256-bit)
Role-based access control (RBAC)
User interface
Web app (S


Integration Capabilities
Multi-factor authentication
Okta, Google Authenticator, ADFS (Azure), PingID
Analytics and reporting
In-built reports, dashboards, stories and presentations
Asset Management
Ticket Management
Atlassian JIRA
Developer API

Audits & Assessment

Assessments are core to the 6clicks platform and can be used for internal (self) assessment or assessments of your third-parties/vendors. 

Assess against a specific authority document or control set
Predefined questionnaires for common standards, laws and regulations
Customize questionnaires (questions, answers, scoring, risk ratings and weighting)
Ability to customize templates (domains and control/provision references)
Assessment question skip and conditional logic
Ongoing assessment scheduling
Assessment question assignment for answer and review
Reopen or copy completed assessments
Automated risks and issues

Risk Management

Risk identification and assessment
Yes - leverage built-in risk libraries
Risk appetite definition
Risk registers
Risk management
Yes - manage the full lifecycle of risk
Risk treatment plans
Yes - create, assign and manage treatment plans
Risk metrics
Automated risk metrics
Risk workflow definition
Yes - define custom stages
Custom fields
Yes - including multi-level relationships

Vendor & Third-Party Management

Vendor assessment questionnaires
Vendor risk profiling
Manage controls and renewal dates
Custom fields

Asset Management

Asset identification
Asset classificaiton
Integration with ServiceNow
Link assets to risks
Link assets to issues
Custom fields

Custom Registers

Create any register you need
Trigger workflows and actions via Zapier
Custom fields

Document & Evidence Management

Use your own document templates integrated with data from 6clicks
Evidentiary artifact collection
Yes - optional or mandatory
Easily download evidence and artifacts
Custom report generation
6clicks Pixel Perfect

Dashboards, Analytics & Reporting

See recent assessments at a glance
See trending risks and issues
Run reports and produce graphs
Export reports and graphs
Leverage Microsoft Power BI with native 6clicks integration

Compliance Management

Check out the power of Hailey - our AI engine powering faster and better compliance management
Custom registers to support gifts, travel etc.
Yes - unlimited
Compliance attestations against controls
Manual provision mapping
Automatic provision mapping with Hailey
Record and track remediation of compliance issues

Policy Management

Access to industry standard controls or create your own to meet every unique requirement for your business
Allocate owners and members to individual records to track internal performance
Define responsibilities associated with controls to track performance
Map controls to underlying risk and compliance requirements

Vulnerability management

Import and manage your cybersecurity vulnerabilities, link with your information assets and associate risks and issues to better manage your cybersecurity program.

Ingest vulnerabilities from Nessus & Qualys
Create custom import mappings to custom tools
Link, sort and manage vulnerabilities
Yes - link vulnerabilities to information assets
Manage the full remediation lifecycle
Yes - link vulnerabilities to risks and issues

Issues & incidents

We don't stop at assessments - use 6clicks to ensure remediation takes place.

Track issue and actions
Third-party issue assignment
Link issues and incidents to assets, risks, controls and compliance requirements

The 6clicks content marketplace is famous for its completeness and relevance supporting jurisdictions and disciplines around the world. 

Standards, laws, regulations and frameworks
Policies and control sets
Assessment and audit templates
Risk libraries
Issue libraries
Incident playbooks
Project checklists

Comply with the most in-demand frameworks

Streamline multi-framework compliance with AI-powered cross-walking and turn-key content.

A little about 6clicks

Learn what makes us different and a great choice for your business. 

An analyst report?

Analysts Report: GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective

World renown GRC analyst Michael Rasmussen has dived into the 6clicks platform, providing you with a priceless in-depth investigation into the multi-tenancy/entity GRC management solution - 6clicks Hub & Spoke.




What makes 6clicks different?

There's hundreds of GRC software vendors out there, so you've got plenty of choice.

  • A multi-tenanted architecture we call Hub & Spoke;
  • Fully integrated content - frameworks, libraries and templates;
  • Supercharged with the powerful Hailey AI engine; and
  • A disruptive pricing model


Turn-key content

Accelerate your cyber risk and compliance goals

Access our extensive content library, download the content relevant to you and start using it immediately. 6clicks also provides a number of audit, assessment and control templates linked back to requirements that can be used straight away or tweak them to meet your needs.

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