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The full-stack GRC advantage: Beyond vulnerability scanning

Andrew Robinson |

June 24, 2024
The full-stack GRC advantage: Beyond vulnerability scanning

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The full-stack GRC advantage: Beyond vulnerability scanning


Organizations today face a complex cybersecurity landscape that exposes them to a multitude of threats. Thus, managing cyber governance, risk, and compliance requires robust tools and comprehensive strategies. While vulnerability scanning tools like UpGuard and SecurityScorecard provide essential services, they represent just one piece of the puzzle. As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at 6clicks, I want to highlight the significant advantages of adopting a full-stack Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform over relying solely on vulnerability scanning.

Executive summary


Comprehensive risk management

Although vulnerability scanning is critical for identifying weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and is useful when paired with remediation, it doesn’t provide a holistic view of your organization's risk posture. A full-stack GRC platform on the other hand integrates various risk management activities, including:

Comprehensive risk management

  • Risk management: A full-stack GRC platform enables you to conduct regular risk assessments across all business functions to identify and prioritize risks. It also allows for impact assessment which is necessary for evaluating business continuity and AI management.
  • Policy and control management: With a full-stack GRC platform, you can create, enforce, and track compliance with internal policies and controls related to external regulatory requirements. You can also monitor the performance of controls and correct any non-conformities.
  • Audits and assessments: A full-stack GRC platform allows you to conduct and even automate audits and assessments to evaluate whether risk assessments are accurate and controls are effective, verifying your organization's security posture and compliance status
  • Issue and incident management: Using a full-stack GRC platform, you can establish structured processes for identifying, managing, and resolving security issues and incidents that can then inform your risk management and compliance strategies

By consolidating these activities into a single platform, organizations can establish a 'single source of truth' and  'connect the dots' to gain a complete understanding of their risk landscape, allowing for more informed decision-making and proactive risk mitigation.

Streamlined compliance processes

Compliance requirements are continually evolving, with organizations needing to adhere to numerous regulations, standards, and frameworks. While vulnerability scanning can help identify compliance gaps in the systems you scan, a full-stack GRC platform offers:

Streamlined compliance processes

  • Compliance monitoring: A full-stack GRC platform can help you monitor and report overall compliance with legal and regulatory requirements as well as validate internal controls
  • Centralized documentation: A full-stack GRC platform provides a single repository for all compliance-related documentation, making it easier to manage audits and regulatory reviews and reuse data where appropriate
  • Audit trails: A full-stack GRC platform enables you to keep detailed logs of all compliance activities in one place, ensuring transparency and accountability. It also allows for effective reporting internally to leadership and externally to regulators and customers.

This comprehensive approach not only simplifies cyber governance, risk, and compliance management but also reduces the risk of cyber breaches, regulatory fines, and reputational damage.

Strategic reporting and insights

One of the significant limitations of vulnerability scanning tools is their narrow focus on technical vulnerabilities. A full-stack GRC platform, on the other hand, provides strategic insights that align with business objectives:

  • Custom dashboards and reports: Full-stack GRC platforms feature customizable dashboards and reports that provide a clear view of risk information and compliance status to executives and board members
  • Risk analytics: Leverage advanced analytics capabilities to identify trends, predict potential risks, and optimize risk management strategies
  • Stakeholder communication: Use tools such as interactive reports and visual presentations to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among all stakeholders, from IT teams to executive leadership

These insights are crucial for aligning cybersecurity efforts with broader business goals, ensuring that risk management supports the organization's strategic direction.

Seamless integration and automation

A full-stack GRC platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing the burden on security teams. Key features include:

  • AI and automation of routine tasks: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated workflows can help streamline risk assessments, compliance checks, and incident management, freeing up resources for other activities
  • Integration with other tools: Take advantage of effortless compatibility with other cybersecurity tools, such as ticketing systems, identity management solutions, and, yes, even vulnerability scanners
  • Scalability: A full-stack GRC platform has the ability to scale with your organization as it grows, ensuring that your risk management and compliance efforts remain robust and effective

This level of integration and automation not only improves efficiency but also ensures that your security posture evolves with the changing threat landscape.

Bolster security and achieve growth with a full-stack GRC platform

Ultimately, vulnerability scanning may play a vital role in identifying technical weaknesses, but they are just one component of a robust cybersecurity strategy. A full-stack GRC platform offers a comprehensive approach to managing risk and compliance, providing the strategic insights, efficiency, and integration necessary to protect your organization and help it achieve its objectives.

At 6clicks, we are committed to helping organizations navigate the complexities of cybersecurity, risk, and compliance with our innovative GRC platform. By adopting a full-stack approach, you can ensure that your risk management efforts are not only effective but also aligned with your broader business objectives.

Secure your business with a full-stack GRC platform.

Andrew Robinson

Written by Andrew Robinson

Andrew started his career in the startup world and went on to perform in cyber and information security advisory roles for the Australian Federal Government and several Victorian Government entities. Andrew has a Masters in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism (PICT) specialising in Cyber Security and holds IRAP, ISO 27001 LA, CISSP, CISM and SCF certifications.