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Take control of your vendor risk management program

6clicks automates vendor risk management for streamlined discovery, assessment, and remediation.


Third Party Risk Management solution overview

Streamline vendor reviews with 6clicks' Vendor Risk Management solution. Centralize and simplify the vendor lifecycle by automating vendor discovery, risk assessment, and remediation, freeing up time to strengthen your security posture. Create business-facing onboarding forms, trigger custom vendor assessments, quickly identify critical and high-risk vendors, raise risks and issues, assign remediation tasks internally or directly to vendors and track the entire remediation lifecycle. Quickly generate insightful vendor reports for critical stakeholders to confidently showcase your vendor risk posture and revolutionize your vendor risk management with 6clicks.

6clicks' comprehensive Vendor Risk Management (VRM) solution streamlines vendor reviews, automates risk assessment, and centralizes vendor lifecycle processes. With insightful and flexible reporting, businesses can confidently manage vendor relationships and enhance their security posture.

Say goodbye to manual vendor risk management with 6clicks

Onboard and manage your vendors in one place

Use our powerful vendor form builder to create custom vendor onboarding flows. Define the information you want to capture when onboarding vendors, access forms via unique and secure URLs and share the link with business users so they can submit vendors without needing to log into 6clicks. Alternatively, bulk import vendors directly and kick off bulk vendor assessments in just a few clicks.

Onboard and manage your vendors in one place for Vendor Risk Management

Streamline and automate vendor security reviews

Say goodbye to highly manual vendor security reviews. With 6clicks, you can define your best-practice vendor assessment templates and link questions directly to your compliance requirements and controls or use our turn-key assessments. Once defined, you can run a bulk review of some or all of your vendors. What's more, you can trigger initial onboarding assessments of new vendors with automated follow-on assessments depending on their level of risk.

Streamline and automate vendor security reviews for Vendor Risk Management

Identify your critical and high-risk vendors

6clicks' vendor assessments provide powerful insights into your supply chain. You can create a custom scoring framework to generate an overall vendor score or use our built-in question response risk ratings. Regardless of your method, 6clicks will enable you to quickly identify not only your most critical vendors but also who are high-risk across your entire vendor network, allowing you to prioritize and streamline your remediation activities.

Identify your critical and high-risk vendors for Vendor Risk Management

Manage and remediate vendor risks and issues

The 6clicks vendor management module integrates with our powerful risk and issue management modules, meaning you can quickly and easily raise risks and issues directly from vendor assessments for high-risk vendors showing levels of low compliance. Then track and manage raised risks and issues and collaborate with key stakeholders through the entire remediation lifecycle. 

Manage and remediate vendor risks and issues for Vendor Risk Management

Explore our expert's guide to third-party risk management

In this guide, we'll explore several common vendor assessment questionnaires, tailored vendor assessments and the importance of scoping assessments. Finally, we'll explain how to turbocharge your approach to third-party risk management using AI.

Integrated powerful features

Explore the features related to this solution making it easy for you to get up and running in minutes.

Risk Management

Our state-of-the-art risk management solution automates formerly manual processes and optimizes the entire risk lifecycle, encompassing risk identification, risk assessments, risk mitigation, remediation, and reporting.

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Audit & Assessment

By minimizing manual tasks, our solution empowers audit professionals to effectively manage the entire audit management lifecycle, including audit plans and seamless collaboration among team members.

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Issues & Incident Management

Modernize issue and incident tracking with visibility, insights, and intelligent remediation. Identify and solve issues before they occur with cross-team automation workflows.

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Vendor Risk Management

Implement a robust and defensible assessment process for your third-party suppliers and manage risks across your supply chain.

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Why businesses and advisors choose 6clicks

Build resilient security risk and compliance programs.


Powered by artificial intelligence

Experience the magic of Hailey, our artificial intelligence engine for cyber risk and compliance.


Unique Hub & Spoke architecture

Deploy multiple teams all connected to a hub—perfect for federated, multi-team structures.


Fully integrated content library

Access hundreds of frameworks, control sets, assessment templates, libraries and playbooks.

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