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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) assessment

Become a reliable partner in the DoD supply chain by getting CMMC certified.


CMMC Assesssment solution overview




CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) assessments are an evaluation process used to determine a contractor's level of cybersecurity maturity and compliance with specific cybersecurity controls.

The CMMC framework was created by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to ensure that the defense industrial base (DIB) contractors are properly safeguarding sensitive government information, including Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Federal Contract Information (FCI).

CMMC assessments apply to all DIB contractors and subcontractors, including those that provide products or services to the DoD. The assessment process involves an independent third-party auditor that evaluates an organization's implementation of specific cybersecurity controls and provides a maturity-level certification based on the organization's cybersecurity practices.

The CMMC model has five maturity levels, each with a different set of cybersecurity controls and processes that a contractor must demonstrate compliance with to receive certification. The levels are:

  • Level 1: Basic Cybersecurity Hygiene

  • Level 2: Intermediate Cybersecurity Hygiene

  • Level 3: Good Cybersecurity Practices

  • Level 4: Proactive Cybersecurity Practices

  • Level 5: Advanced/Progressive Cybersecurity Practices

The CMMC assessment process includes a review of an organization's documentation, policies, and procedures, as well as interviews with personnel responsible for cybersecurity implementation. The auditor will then issue a certification based on the level of maturity demonstrated during the assessment.
CMMC assessments are designed to ensure that the DIB contractors are adequately protecting sensitive government information, which is critical to national security. By requiring CMMC certification, the DoD is strengthening the cybersecurity posture of the entire supply chain and reducing the risk of cyberattacks on the defense industrial base.

Become CMMC certified and sell into the Department of Defense with 6clicks

The CMMC and related standards

The CMMC and related US Government standards (e.g. NIST CSF, NIST SP800-53, NIST SP800-161, NIST SP800-171) are available quickly and easily via the 6clicks Content Library so you can get started fast.

The CMMC and related standards for CMMC Certification

Smart GRC functionality

6clicks provides smart GRC functionality to streamline processes involved in specifying the system to be assessed, assessing compliance against the CMMC (and other relevant requirements), managing any associated risks, implementing & operating security controls and managing any associated issues and incidents with actions (your PoAM).

Smart GRC functionality for CMMC Certification

Combined with powerful AI/ML

Leverage 6clicks' Hailey AI to assist with identifying overlap between many different cyber and information secuirty compliance requirements and helping your organisation (or your clients) develop a single unified policy and control library that is traceable to compliance requirements and actionable. Map the results of an assessment against the CMMC against other standards such as NIST and ISO standards.

Combined with powerful AI/ML for CMMC Certification

Designed to meet US Government and DoD requirements

6clicks for Government (US) is now available as a dedicated US government and DoD community cloud built on Microsoft Azure which has completed various certifications and authorisations. Just as importantly, 6clicks can be used by organisations to implement and run equivalent security programs, and by partners running assessments.

Designed to meet US Government and DoD requirements for CMMC Certification

Explore our expert's guide to CMMC

This guide provides an authoritative overview of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program. It explains the five levels of CMMC, the requirements for each level, and the steps organizations can take to become certified. It also provides a detailed overview of the certification process, the benefits of certification, and the resources available to organizations seeking certification. Finally, the guide provides best practices for implementing and maintaining cybersecurity standards, as well as guidance on how to prepare for a CMMC audit. This guide is an essential resource for organizations looking to protect their data and systems from cyber threats.

Integrated powerful features

Explore the features related to this solution making it easy for you to get up and running in minutes.

Risk Management for CMMC Certification

Risk Management

Our state-of-the-art risk management solution automates formerly manual processes and optimizes the entire risk lifecycle, encompassing risk identification, risk assessments, risk mitigation, remediation, and reporting.

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Audit & Assessment for CMMC Certification

Audit & Assessment

By minimizing manual tasks, our solution empowers audit professionals to effectively manage the entire audit management lifecycle, including audit plans and seamless collaboration among team members.

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Issues & Incident Management for CMMC Certification

Issues & Incident Management

Modernize issue and incident tracking with visibility, insights, and intelligent remediation. Identify and solve issues before they occur with cross-team automation workflows.

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Policy & Control Management for CMMC Certification

Policy & Control Management

Efficient internal control management and actionable task capability that actively involve employees across your organization.

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Vendor Risk Management for CMMC Certification

Vendor Risk Management

Implement a robust and defensible assessment process for your third-party suppliers and manage risks across your supply chain.

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Asset Management for CMMC Certification

Asset Management

Manage and maintain your information assets and link to your risks, issues and third parties to support your ISMS.

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Powered by artificial intelligence

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Unique Hub & Spoke architecture

Deploy multiple teams all connected to a hub - perfect for federated, multi-team structures.


Fully integrated content library

Access 100's of standards, control sets, assessment templates, libraries and playbooks.

The 6clicks Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform is designed to streamline and enhance an organization's compliance program. It aligns with the entire organization's business objectives and goals while addressing key control objectives and mitigating various business risks. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, 6clicks enables senior management to have a holistic view of the organization's risk landscape and effectively prioritize resources.

By utilizing the 6clicks GRC platform, businesses can proactively identify and address potential risks, ultimately fostering a culture of compliance and enabling them to achieve their business goals with confidence.

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