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Asset Management



Manage and maintain your information assets and link to your risks, issues and third parties to support your ISMS

The Benefits

Align your information security management system by connecting risks, issues, audits and assessments to relevant information assets

Manage and monitor your information assets

6clicks helps you manage and monitor your information assets to keep your information security management system aligned with risks, audits, and assessments.

Integrate external systems for easy data management

Integrate external systems with 6clicks to manage data and ensure that information assets are associated with the correct risks, audits, and assessments to ensure alignment with your information security management system.

Provide leaders with visibility & confidence

6clicks provides visibility and confidence to leaders by helping to align information assets with risks, audits, and assessments in an information security management system.

See how Asset Registers from 6clicks turns managing risk and compliance into a strategic advantage

Powerful features to support your growth

The 6clicks Asset Register is built with flexibility and customisation in mind, allowing you to store and track your critical information assets. Create and group assets, define fields, manage user access, link to vulnerabilities, third parties, issues, risks and vulnerabilities, upload documents and build reports, all from one place.
Asset identification | Asset Management

Asset identification

Identify, manage and track your information assets in a single register.

Asset classification | Asset Management

Asset classification

Classify and group your assets based on your desired framework, such as ISO 27001.

ServiceNow integration | Asset Management

ServiceNow integration

Add and sync assets directly from your ServiceNow account.

Cross-platform linkage | Asset Management

Cross-platform linkage

Link assets to risks, issues and incidents for comprehensive asset management.

Custom fields | Asset Management

Custom fields

Create custom asset fields to capture the correct information and ensure alignment with your asset management processes.

Audit & history logs | Asset Management

Audit & history logs

Keep track of all changes to your assets via the asset history trail. See who changed what and when the change occurred.

Access control | Asset Management

Access control

Easily manage which users can view and edit assets on the register by adding or removing individual users' access to assets or groups of users.

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