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Industry challenges

In digitizing their services, government departments now hold highly confidential people, business and national data, and given the sensitivity of this data, they constantly face attacks from sophisticated, malicious actors. What's more, it's imperative their services are operational given their criticality and impact, hence the need for resilient and strong cyber practices.

They also operate in a dynamic and evolving arena of complex regulation, where compliance is mandatory given the nature of work and customers. All this is compounded when running GRC programs across multiple departments, where a certain level of standardization and oversight is required, as well as a level of segregation and autonomy depending on maturity and sensitivity of their work.

Our solution

6clicks empowers government agencies to deliver critical services at scale through integrating people, processes and technology, all while managing malicious threats, complex and evolving regulations, changing markets, and national and global uncertainty. What's more, our unique and flexible Hub & Spoke architecture provides the perfect integrated and flexible GRC solution for segregating services and departments, ensuring alignment with how you work. 


Better manage risk and compliance

Auditing across multiple teams

Static audit report and document generation

Consolidated reporting across teams

Managing multiple GRC programs and use cases

Control, policy and compliance management

Operating in, or selling to, government and defense


Sending and responding to audits across teams using email and spreadsheets

Using email and spreadsheets for audit processes presents challenges such as version control issues, limited collaboration, data security concerns, the lack of audit trail, potential data entry errors, resource intensiveness, and overall inefficiency. 

Auditing across multiple teams


6clicks streamlines the audit processes across your teams, from planning to remediation. It offers a simple approach to sending and responding to assessments and audits, robust audit trails, benchmarking, status management, collaboration, and comprehensive reporting. The audit and assessment module is also tightly integrated with our risk and issues modules to streamline remediation, significantly reducing inefficiencies and pain points associated with spreadsheets, emails and highly repetitive manual processes.


Cut and pasting from spreadsheets to documents to create static reports

Manually copying data from various spreadsheets and word documents when running an audit or assessment to produce static reports is extremely time-consuming, error prone and inefficient. 

Static audit report and document generation


By utilizing 6clicks' report generator, you can automate the creation of audit and assessment reports, saving significant time and reducing manual effort. Define audit report templates, everything from layout to style, integrate data sources and automate data retrieval, streamlining the entire audit report creation process and ensuring best practice and repeatability every time.


Trying to consolidate reports from dozens of spreadsheets and emails

Collecting data from dozens of spreadsheets and emails to create reports is arduous, repetitive and time-consuming. This process involves sifting through a multitude of files and communications, and given the lack of automation, often resulting in inefficiencies, data inaccuracies, version control problems, and inconsistencies. Such methods are prone to errors, delays, and the risk of overlooking critical information, hindering accurate data analysis, strategic decision-making and the ability to prove compliance. 

Consolidated reporting across teams


6clicks' powerful reporting and analytics capabilities offer an efficient solution for consolidating reports from numerous spreadsheets and emails. It centralizes and automates combining data and documents from various GRC activities from single or multiple teams and standardizes reporting, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Gain valuable data-driven decision-making insights and prove compliance, all while enhancing team members' collaboration.


Managing and reporting on distributed GRC programs and use cases across departments, teams and markets

Highly regulated and distributed organizations struggle to run distributed GRC programs and use cases across departments, teams and markets where separation and autonomy is paramount while maintaining a level of central control to ensure oversight, enforce best practice, coordinate and align content and drive aggregate reporting.

Managing multiple GRC programs and use cases


6clicks' unique Hub & Spoke architecture provides a centralized risk and compliance function that spans distributed GRC programs and use cases across departments, teams and markets. The Hub makes it possible to define risk and compliance best-practice and content centrally, which is 'pushed down' to spokes (GRC programs, departments, teams and markets) that utilize the full suite of 6clicks GRC modules for day-to-day activities. Consolidated reporting and analytics are rolled up at the Hub level, giving the organization comprehensive reporting and insights across all Spokes.


Managing the full lifecycle of controls and policies and ensuring compliance at scale

Managing controls and policies is inefficient due to rapid regulatory changes, the labor-intensive process of developing and implementing high-quality controls, and the lack of a unified system. This disorganization results in redundant efforts, poor adherence, compliance gaps, and difficult audits, primarily when outdated controls go unchecked.

Control, policy and compliance management


6clicks streamlines control and policy management with an all-in-one solution. Its features include a Content Library for turn-key compliance obligations and controls, an AI-enhanced controls builder, and actionable control task creation and linkages. The system simplifies evidence gathering for control effectiveness, and auto-maps controls to compliance needs, leveraging our AI engine and eliminating manual mapping. Integrated audit modules and a Trust Portal make auditing, sharing with stakeholders and proving compliance easy.


Adhering to stringent and complex cyber and information security requirements for government and defense

Providing services and products to, and operating in, government and defense organizations and departments typically require adhering to arduous and highly technical, specially designed control frameworks. Usually, this means that any technology these organizations and departments use or interact with must also comply. Given these compliance programs are incredibly costly and time-consuming and require specialized knowledge and technology, finding technology vendors who sell directly to government and defense organizations and departments or technology vendors who sell to organizations selling into government and defense, who also meet these stringent requirements is extremely challenging, but in many cases necessary.


6clicks offers a number of dedicated and specially hosted instances of the platform for government and defense departments and organizations, as well as organizations selling into government and defense, called 6clicks for Government. These instances of 6clicks are designed and implemented to meet specific government requirements related to cyber and information security and are currently available in Australia and the US.

So why choose 6clicks?

Traditional GRC



Monolithic software

Everyone battles and creates a mess in the same system


We pioneered connected, multi-team GRC; it’s called Hub & Spoke

Artificial intelligence

Superficial at best

Jumping on the bandwagon

First AI engine built for GRC

We started building in 2019 and continue to innovate



Priced separately or BYO

All included

100’s of standards, laws and regulations, risk libraries, audit templates and more

Implementation & support

Time and rate billing

Pay per hour or day

Included and predictable

From implementation to support for your success, we’re there every step of the way

Advisor enabled

After thought

Like fitting a square peg into a round hole

The perfect fit

Embed your own IP, apply branding and scale with your clients


Highly complex

Pay per module, user, vendor, etc.

Simple: unlimited everything

Just pay per spoke


6clicks is built for government entities, uniquely aligning with their structural and operational needs while forgoing the complex pricing models of our peers. We take a unique pricing approach, focusing on the required number of teams—representing distinct departments or services—rather than the number of users, modules or use cases.

Our Enterprise license is ideal for government bodies who require multiple teams, as it leverages our unique Hub & Spoke architecture. Each team operates their GRC activities from a dedicated Spoke, ensuring data and operational separation with unrestricted access to modules, users, content, audits and a powerful AI engine, all connected to a central Hub for centralized administration, content management, and aggregate reporting.


Intelligently accelerate your cyber risk and compliance program today


Stop wasting time with complicated pricing, longwinded consulting efforts and outdated technology.




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