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Risk & Compliance Software for Government

Get on the front foot with risk and compliance

6clicks provides local, state and federal government entities and agencies with a flexible GRC solution to support their risk management obligations under State and Federal legislation and policy. Key risks and controls across your agency or entity can be centrally captured, work-flowed and monitored with this GRC risk management software. Assurance and audit programs and surveys can also be managed.

6clicks Awarded Top 100 Innovators
6clicks Awarded RegTech Top 100

The better the risk analysis, the better the preparedness for the ‘unknown unknowns’ or even the ‘known knowns.’ Protecting and improving value creation are the motivations for business tocarry out risk analysis and mitigation in the first place. Years ago, it used to be more an academic thing - today however managing risk is ‘the’ key game changer. Smart companies make time to understand all that is knowable.

John Simpson
Former Director & Senior Executive | NAB, ESSSuper & Shell

Accelerate adoption from months to days
with our unique Hub & Spoke™ architecture

With 6clicks Hub & Spoke™, you can deploy 6clicks quickly and autonomously across your enterprise but with the benefit of each of these teams still being connected to streamline administraiton, access to shared content and for reporting. This unique deployment architecture makes getting setup easy and adoption easy with the benefits of a common system across your enterprise.

  • Deploy autonomous teams in seconds while being connected to a common enterprise hub
  • 'Push down' standards individual business units or entities can use
  • 'Roll up' reporting and analytics from individual teams

Here's how 6clicks automates risk and compliance
for the government, quickly:

Learn how quickly 6clicks can help you transform your risk and compliance program

Ensure compliance with industry frameworks, standards and regulations

Leverage our vast content library or create your own to ensure compliance with the ever increasing number. Use NIST, ISO, SOC2 and hundreds of other local and international frameworks out-of-the-box.


Explore our huge content library >

Run faster and more effective audits and assessments for compliance

Use either questionnaire or requirements-based assessments with your clients to baseline maturity and support ongoing internal audit and assessment needs, including vendor risk assessment.


Learn more about audit and assessment >

Deploy 6clicks for individual teams and connect them centrally with ease

This is at the heart of 6clicks - the ability for you to deploy a full GRC capability for individual teams, have them run autonomously but with the benefit of shared standards and integrated reporting.


Explore Hub & Spoke™ >

Automate manual tasks using Hailey AI engine

Use Hailey AI to automate compliance mapping between frameworks or identify areas of compliance or non-compliance of controls against a standard, law, regulation or framework.


Learn more about Hailey AI >

Standardize reporting using our templated reporting engine

Use Pixel Perfect™ to standardize reporting for the likes of PCI DSS SOC and QAS reports that can be automatically generated and aligned perfectly with a standard report format. 


Learn more about Pixel Perfect™ >

Get risk management under control with everything you need

6clicks integrated risk management (IRM) software makes it easy to manage your risk registers, run risk reviews, assign owners, define treatment plans for boards, executives or project managers.


Explore our Solutions Partner program >

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Everything you need to ensure better risk management and compliance.

Accelerate and simplify risk management and compliance for government with 6clicks in as little as 10 days.