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Policy & Control Management



Efficient internal controls management engages employees across your organization by centralizing and automating control testing and workflows

The Benefits

Centralized and automated control testing and workflows enable efficient internal controls management, resulting in increased employee engagement

Enhance productivity while reducing costs

Automate control testing so your team can get more done in less time — and at less cost

Increase efficiency with a centralized approach

Drive organization-wide efficiency by centralizing your risk and internal control resources with efficient management, ensuring that all process owners work from a single source of truth

Elevate executive visibility & assurance

Identify issues as they arise with real-time reports that enable rapid remediation and be audit-ready with automation that tracks control performance

See how you can streamline and automate controls turning policy management into a strategic advantage

Powerful features to support your growth

The 6clicks Policy and Control module is the perfect place to build, manage, share, action and report on your policies and controls. Build from the ground up, import existing or use our turn-key policies and control sets, create, assign and manage actionable control tasks and share your internal policies and controls with teammates and critical stakeholders.
Responsibility management | Policy & Control Management

Responsibility management

Create actionable responsibility tasks linked to controls and obligations, assign them to team members, collect evidence and track them through to completion.

Control linkage to requirements | Policy & Control Management

Control linkage to requirements

Create internal policy controls and obligations and link them to external compliance requirements.

Assign owners and members | Policy & Control Management

Assign owners and members

Assign team members as control and obligation set owners and individual control and obligation owners for improved oversight and accountability.

Built-in templates | Policy & Control Management

Built-in templates

Access and download turn-key control and obligation set templates directly from the 6clicks Content Library, covering hundreds of compliance domains, sectors and jurisdictions.

Version control | Policy & Control Management

Version control

Keep track of all changes to your control and obligation sets via the history trail. See who changed what and when the change occurred.

Control gap analysis | Policy & Control Management

Control gap analysis

Identify areas of compliance and non-compliance in your policies and control sets using our AI engine, which maps controls back to compliance obligations.

Compliance pivot | Policy & Control Management

Compliance pivot

Quick and easy responsibility task reporting and filtering to help identify open and overdue tasks.

Import & export | Policy & Control Management

Import & export

Map external compliance requirements to internal controls and obligations, and internal controls and obligations to assessment questions, to get a comprehensive understanding of compliance.

Policy viewer | Policy & Control Management

Policy viewer

Easily import your control and obligation sets into 6clicks, and leverage our custom branded control and obligation set PDF export capability.

... and did you know, there's unlimited:

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