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6clicks Fabric with Microsoft: A story of innovation and collaboration

Anthony Stevens |

February 2, 2024
6clicks Fabric with Microsoft: A story of innovation and collaboration

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6clicks Fabric with Microsoft: A story of innovation and collaboration


ILet me share a journey that started during my tenure as Partner and Chief Digital Officer at KPMG. It was there I had a revelation that there had to be a better way to address the GRC software needs of advisors and enterprises globally. And so, in the middle of 2019, 6clicks was born, driven by a vision to redefine the world of GRC software.

At the core of our innovation was the Hub and Spoke architecture, a transformative approach to GRC usage and deployment. Imagine a 'Hub' providing advisors, MSPs, or large enterprises with control to define standards and roll-up reporting, while connected 'Spokes' represent clients, divisions, or projects, functioning autonomously. Seeking a cloud platform for deployment and distribution, we turned to Microsoft Azure. Its widespread acceptance in the enterprise market perfectly aligned with our vision for scalability and reliability.Hub & Spoke For Professional & Managed Services (1)

Guided by a commitment to efficiency and scale, we made early decisions that laid the foundation for 6clicks. Embracing Microsoft's Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings and maintaining a single, unified code base, we set the stage for a platform built for scale, distribution and that exceeded expectations.

Now, let's delve into the heart of our platform. 6clicks is built on Azure services seamlessly integrated with our proprietary code stack, which now also includes cutting-edge generative AI models (learn more about our AI research and Hailey AI here). In the early stages, we embarked on a mission to deploy this stack across Azure data centre locations worldwide, including in the US, UK and Australia. Additionally, we configured environments independently for government customers in Australia and the US, meeting rigorous standards like Australia's ISM/IRAP with 6clicks hosted in government assessed Azure data centres.

However, as our platform capability grew, we recognized the need for further automation and tighter security control. This realization led us to invest in deployment automation and infrastructure-as-code, a journey that birthed 6clicks Fabric. This approach to distribution and management of our platform not only supports our software but, in working with Global Systems Integrators (GSIs), enables us to scale unprecedented levels with hundreds of instances hosted in any of over 50 data centres on the Microsoft Azure network.  


Our vision for 6clicks Fabric: private hosted instances running on Microsoft Azure
powering managed services, advisory services and large enterprise


GSIs benefit from the ability to operate their GRC SaaS platform, supporting their managed services, streamlining service delivery, and effortlessly deploying a comprehensive risk and compliance solution for their clients. With 6clicks Fabric, GSIs have complete control over their environment to meet security and privacy standards, integrate their own training and guidance resources, use their preferred domain name, and define billing and localization preferences. Meanwhile, 6clicks remains dedicated to continuous innovation and platform enhancements, ensuring updates are delivered seamlessly.

Today, 6clicks Fabric is available for GSIs, telcos, and enterprises worldwide. It offers the flexibility to deploy entire instances in just hours supporting various Hub and Spoke configurations, tailored content, and the ability to leverage their own management and commercial arrangements with Microsoft.

In essence, 6clicks Fabric transcends conventional GRC software—a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of risk and compliance.


Anthony (Ant) Stevens



Anthony Stevens

Written by Anthony Stevens

Ant Stevens is a luminary in the enterprise software industry, renowned as the CEO and Founder of 6clicks, where he spearheads the integration of artificial intelligence into their cybersecurity, risk and compliance platform. Ant has been instrumental developing software to support advisor and MSPs. Away from the complexities of cybersecurity and AI, Ant revels in the simplicity of nature. An avid camper, he cherishes time spent in the great outdoors with his family and beloved dog, Jack, exploring serene landscapes and disconnecting from the digital tether.