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Automate regulatory compliance



Watch Hailey our AI engine weave her magic. 

6clicks makes it easy to implement controls, identify compliance gaps,  manage risks, issues and incidents, and collect evidence to ensure ongoing compliance.

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6clicks automates and maintains your regulatory compliance.


Hailey, our AI engine, weaves her magic in seconds. 

Saving your company hours.


Let us show you how.

Automate internal audits and vendor risk assessments

Perform internal audit. maturity assessments or manage your vendor risk assessment (VRM) processes using questionnaire or requirements based assessments.


Achieve next generation audit





Identify, manage and treat risks

6clicks helps you identify your risks, group them into risk registers and run risk assessments. It highlights causes and potential impacts,  outlines risk treatment plans and helps you manage the full treatment lifecycle.


Experience risk reimagined

Identify overlap with other standards and frameworks using Hailey-AI

Automate the analysis and mapping between hundreds of standards such as the NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOC 2 and many more. 


Discover the magic of AI





Find gaps in your policies and control sets using Hailey-AI

Identify compliance and gaps in your internal controls against hundreds of frameworks using Hailey-AI.


Meet Hailey our AI engine

Top analysts and customers have spoken.

They genuinely love 6clicks.

  • Unique Hub & Spoke architecture
  • Highest user adoption
  • AI-powered platform
  • Best usability
6clicks Awarded Top 100 Innovators
6clicks Awarded RegTech Top 100

“The best cyber GRC platform for advisors and businesses”

David Simpson | CyberCX

“We chose 6clicks not only for our clients, but also our internal use”

Kurt Hansen | Tesserent

“With 6clicks we can simply close more deals faster”

Greg Rudakov | Devicedesk

"The 6clicks solution simplifies and strengthens risk, compliance, and control processes across entities and can grow and adapt as the organization changes and evolves."

Michael Rasmussen | GRC 20/20 Research LLC
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Accelerate adoption from months to days
with our unique Hub & Spoke™ architecture


Rapidly deploy 6clicks across your federated business for the best of all worlds - autonomy, shared standards and consolidated reporting. 

  • Deploy autonomous teams
  • 'Push down' standards to teams
  • 'Roll up' reporting and analytics

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Get regulatory compliance under control. Fast.


Trust Hailey, our AI engine, to weave her magic in seconds. 

Saving your company hours.


Reimagine risk with 6clicks in as little as 10 days.