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GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective: Delivering Hub & Spoke GRC Engagement

How does 6clicks stack up against other industry leading GRC software?

In this report, world renown GRC analyst, Michael Rasmussen, dives into the 6clicks platform to give you a priceless, in-depth investigation into our multi-tenancy/entity GRC management solution - 6clicks Hub & Spoke.

And better yet, he determines whether your organisation should be investing  in Australia's fastest growing reg-tech platform - or not.

GRC 2020 Solution Perspective-1

In this Report, You Will Discover...

Founded in 2019 in Australia, 6clicks has rapidly changed the way leading organisations manage risk and compliance.

By being easy to use, fast to deploy, and dynamic by design, 6clicks saves your organisation thousands of hours and dollars while making risk and compliance a breeze.

  • How to define, map out and execute an integrated GRC strategy for any distributed or federated business.
  • The secret to balancing the needs of autonomous teams with distributed governance and control.
  • How to engage clients, stakeholders and team members across your organisation effectively to uplift the culture and awareness of risk and compliance in your organisation.
  • The best software platform to use to support a distributed organization and its operations.