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Company history

Founded in 2019, we launched our platform in 2020 and have grown at over 100% YOY growth since.

6clicks company history

6clicks is unlike any other GRC solution in the market


Multi-tenanted approach to GRC

Deploy multiple teams all connected to a hub - perfect for federated multi-team structure.


The worlds first AI engine for GRC

We started in 2019, before all the hype, and we continue to lead the market now with artificial intelligence.


A pricing model like no other

Unlike our peers, just pay per team with unlimited users, content, vendors and potential.

Target Audience

Founded in 2019, we launched our platform in 2020 and have grown at over 100% YOY growth since.


Title: Chief Information Security Officer

Katrina Gomez

Katrina Gomez
  • Age: 50
  • Education: Master of Science, Information Assurance
  • Personality: Extroverted, articulate, natural leader

Alternative titles:

  • Cyber Director
  • Head of Cybersecurity


  • Growing frequency of cyber attacks
  • Increasing prevalence of work from home
  • Aligning organizational objectives to strongest security
  • Raise awareness and reduce human error


  • Meet regulators requirements of continuous monitoring
  • Manage organizational risk
  • Improve collaboration across business
  • Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance

How 6clicks can help?

  • Simplify and strengthen risk, compliance and control processes, through automation, content and visualization.
  • Reduce time and cost for overall risk and compliance management.
  • Manage risk for a distributed organizational structure, easily.

Title: Director of Risk Management

Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr
  • Age: 46
  • Education: MS Information Assurance, MS Digital Forensics
  • Personality: Analytical, problem solver

Alternative titles:

  • Director of Risk and Security
  • Head of Risk and Compliance


  • Improving risk data quality
  • Controlling 3rd party risk
  • Building operational resilience
  • Embedding new technology


  • Develop a common understanding of risk across multiple functions and business units so we can manage risk cost-effectively on an enterprise-wide basis.
  • Achieve a better understanding of risk for competitive advantage.

How 6clicks can help?

  • Providing real-time risk reporting via LiveDocs
  • Workflowing the vendor assessment process
  • Streamline the testing of operational controls
  • Accommodating for the assessment of new technologies

Title: Director of Compliance

Zoe Trent

Zoe Trent
  • Age: 39
  • Education: BA and MBA, Finance
  • Personality: Introverted, ethically responsible

Alternative titles:

  • Director of Regulatory Affairs
  • Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer


  • Volume and pace of regulatory change
  • Increasing regulatory burden
  • Financial crime
  • Cultural and conduct risk


  • Compliance resilience
  • Designing and implementing internal policies
  • Running internal audits and control tests
  • Educate cross-organizationally on compliance
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies

How 6clicks can help?

  • Provide the most recent regulatory content via our content library
  • Employ the testing of financial controls
  • Workflow employee attestations

Title: Third Party Risk Assessor

Greg Garnys

Greg Garnys
  • Age: 44
  • Education: BA Organizational Management and Communication
  • Personality: Methodical, individual contributor, overachiever, goal oriented

Alternative titles:

  • Supplier Risk Analyst
  • Vendor Risk Manager


  • Volume and pace of new vendors onboarded
  • Screening and evaluating vendors with regularity
  • Limited staff and resources
  • Culture resistance to the risk suppliers introduce


  • Classification of vendors according to level of access
  • Review SLA's to ensure performance
  • Identify potential risks posed by ALL third parties

How 6clicks can help?

  • Streamline the vendor vetting process
  • Define vendor tiers based on assessment results
  • Create unique profiles for each vendor

Title: Incident Response Specialist

Mitch Morish

Mitch Morish
  • Age: 42
  • Education: Engineering Degree, Bachelors
  • Personality: Threat hunter, suspicious, first responder

Alternative titles:

  • Cybersecurity Threat Analyst
  • Information Security Manager


  • Volume of risks faced
  • Shifting privacy requirements
  • Insider threats
  • Budget constraints
  • Alert fatigue


  • Quickly detect and halt attacks
  • Minimize damage
  • Prevent future attacks
  • Report with regularity

How 6clicks can help?

  • Manage risk and vulnerability data for rapid response
  • Maintain the latest privacy regulations as the regulatory bodies issue updates
  • Provide dashboards and reports to help explain the status to business executives

Title: Managing Director

Ben Hayes

Ben Hayes
  • Age: 45
  • Education: Bachelor of Business in Information Systems
  • Personality: Strategic innovator, Compliance expert, client advocate

Alternative titles:

  • CEO
  • vCISO
  • Partner
  • Advisory Associate


  • Existing cyber portfolio of service offerings has become commoditized
  • Digitization a top priority to achieve efficiency in service delivery/ROI
  • Regulatory market isn't slowing
  • Hiring more staff is costly


  • Open up new revenue streams
  • Differentiate offering portfolio in market
  • Realize greater profitability in engagements
  • Realization that cyber assessment results define a roadmap for future client spend on additional services/technologies
  • GRC keeps the Advisory firm sticky with the client
  • AI allows them to do more with less staff
  • Every sector needs Risk Management, not just those which are regulated
  • SMB's are willing to spend on a Managed GRC offering

How 6clicks can help?

  • Central Hub: Manages client engagements with free and unlimited advisor access.
  • Spokes System: Clients are created as Spokes connected to the Hub, facilitating the distribution of best practices, access management, and aggregate benchmarking.
  • Billing: Triggered only upon upgrading a client team to a full-feature Spoke, with free and unlimited client audits and assessments.


The 6clicks marks include the 6clicks name and logo, as well as any word, phrase, image or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of 6clicks' products. 


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6clicks stands at the forefront of providing innovative and easy-to-use risk and compliance management solutions. It was their intuitive approach and AI-powered platform which allows fit-for-purpose solutions that particularly caught our attention.

Malka Bakes, General Manager

Probe CX

6clicks is agile, user friendly and comprehensive in terms of us meeting our governance, risk and compliance needs in an effective and efficient manner.

David Buerckner, Head Of IT Security & Risk


Increasing governance requirements mean that compliance officers need to do more than just ‘check the box’ to meet risk management objectives. 6clicks’ robust platform allows our clients to seamlessly manage GRC across the organization. All of this, coupled with the 6clicks strategy to embrace the channel, made the decision to partner, an easy one.

Tim Burke, CEO

Liberty Prime Steel

The company selected 6clicks after being highly recommended by one of its sister companies and based on the comprehensive GRC solution offered.

Kellie Collins, LPMA Head of Health & Safety

Cyber Audit Team

The decision to partner with 6clicks was clear at the outset because of its unique Hub & Spoke multi-tenancy architecture, AI engine, best-practice workflows and minimal need for configuration, all at a very attractive price point for our clients. With 6clicks, we are able to implement GRC capability quickly and easily and provide a more efficient and effective managed service.

Damian Seaton, Managing Director


Together, Veretim and 6clicks aim to optimise the risk management landscape with a fresh perspective. We are eager to embark on this journey with 6clicks.

Peter Ridgley, CEO

IQ Wired

We are thrilled with this partnership and the inclusion of 6clicks to our already extensive technology ecosystem. 6clicks is unique in offering a platform to reduce audit fatigue for security managers, bringing multiple dashboards into one view with thousands of API integrations. We are not only excited about the platform but also their culture and leadership’s commitment to the Channel!

Kelly Forsyth, CRO

King & Wood Mallesons

KWM recognizes that we are operating in an increasingly complex and regulatory diverse business environment in Australia, with new risks and emerging threats. As such, we require a dynamic, agile, and efficient GRC solution capable of providing oversight across multiple business lines through aggregate risk management, curated through a single pane of glass in a streamlined manner with advanced reporting and analytics. 6clicks was a clear choice for us in that regard, both in terms of agility, scalability, and cutting-edge technology.

Peter Stockdale, Partner & Global Head of Risk


We are delighted to partner with 6clicks to expand our customers’ capability. They will now have access to not only Information Technology governance but also the full gamut of all major compliance and governance disciplines including fraud control, risk, WH&S and many others. We are leading by example through our adoption of 6clicks - identifying, rating and benchmarking our own internal processes and governance, with a view to continuous improvement. Our inside knowledge of the 6clicks tools positions us the partner of choice.

Mr Kurt Hansen, CEO


From strategic consulting and security management, to testing and assurance, CyberCX is on a single mission – to protect and defend Australian organisations from cyber threats. This is a great example of Australian tech and security partners working together. 6clicks customisable platform will allow us to better secure our customers by embedding cyber security best practices across governance, risk and compliance professionals. This partnership accelerates the way we do that at scale.

David Simpson, Executive Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance

Thomson Reuters

The increasing need to manage and motivate remote workers, coupled with demand for businesses to balance competitive and compliance pressures has created an unprecedented need for simple, automated tools to drive accuracy and efficiency in the risk and compliance realm.

Jackie Rhodes, Managing Director, Asia and Emerging Markets


6clicks has developed its platform to help governments address the issues associated with risk and compliance. This new offering running on Microsoft’s Protected-level Azure cloud environment provides an important and timely solution for the Australian market.

Steven Worrall, Australia’s Managing Director

CRN, The Channel Company

As part of our 2022 Emerging Vendors list, CRN recognizes technology vendors that are transforming the IT channel by providing revolutionary and innovative products that help customers manage ever-evolving IT demands.

Blaine Raddon, CEO


6clicks Marketplace is an exciting first and compelling development. 6pillars is delighted to be featured with 6clicks as a solution that delivers the continuous compliance that standards including SOC 2 Type 2 and PCI-DSS 4.0 will require for customers in AWS. Using 6clicks and 6pillars together gives retailers and other industries requiring high levels of compliance the immensely powerful combination to implement automated best-practice across their AWS cloud environments in line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Lorenzo Modesto, CEO

GRC 20/20 Research LLC

The 6clicks solution simplifies and strengthens risk, compliance, and control processes across entities and can grow and adapt as the organization changes and evolves.

Michael Rasmussen, former Analyst at Forrester,

Centerstone Capital

6clicks has demonstrated how the combination of AI, hub and spoke management and content library can revolutionize the practice of GRC and make it feasible for organizations of all sizes.

John Meacock, previously Global Chief Strategy Officer of Deloitte and now 6clicks Chairman of the Board


6Clicks is a leading GRC provider with a significant footprint in the ASIA PAC region. Our new partnership, initially through the 6Clicks Marketplace, combines CUBE’s market-leading Automated Regulatory Intelligence capability with 6Clicks innovative GRC technology - delivering fast time-to-value for 6Clicks customers with a fully integrated purpose-built compliance management proposition.

Ben Richmond, Founder & CEO

Bluebox Global

Instead of taking the Excel spreadsheet approach, we were looking for a platform that can that can do that because it's tough to manage risk to come up with policies, controls and get people to sign off to do supply validation to do questionnaires. That's a huge work. For one person, even full-time in an organisation to do and so when we saw 6clicks, we said this is something we can cookie cutter, and it's far better than what they can normally achieve if they're by themselves.

Michael Cumming, Chief Information Security Officer

52 Risks

6clicks provides a leading edge, platform for these risks to be identified and managed, taking an enterprise wide view. Even for smaller enterprises, the number and complexity of risks that each business faces today require a technology solution.

Peter Deans, Founder


The best cyber GRC platform for businesses and advisors.

David Simpson

Publicly Listed

We chose 6clicks not only for our clients, but also our internal use

Chief Risk Officer

Fortune 500

We use Hub & Spoke globally for our cyber compliance program. Love it.

Head of Compliance

GRC 20/20 Research LLC

The 6clicks solution simplifies and strengthens risk, compliance, and control processes across entities and can grow and adapt as the organization changes and evolves.

Michael Rasmussen


I've been training on 6clicks here and starting to use it more. It's powerful. Very cool.

David P, Consultant

from the last session they were happy but occupied by another project. they uplifted to the september version of RFFR recently and said with Hailey/6clicks made it 50% quicker.


No issues or complaints with the broader team - the service, advice, and hands-on assistance they have all provided to assist with developing CSIRO's instance has been outstanding.