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6clicks for advisors and managed
service providers 


GRC software to power your
advisory and managed services

1000's of advisors and MSP's use 6clicks to scale hassle free

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The key capabilities to power your
advisory and managed service offerings

Leverage our huge content library of templates, standards and regulations

Choose from standards, laws, regulations, audit and assessment templates, policies, control sets, risk and issue libraries, incident playbooks, project plans and more. 



Define obligations and controls you can share with clients

Create obligation or control sets you can share with clients. Link these to underlying regulatory requiremetns and associated responsibilities and tasks people need to perform.  



Automate maturity assessments, audits and vendor risk assessments

Perform maturity assessessments, internal audits and manage vendor risk assessment (VRM) processes using questionnaire or requirements based assessments.



Use standard issue and risk libraries to drive consistent engagements

Use standard issue and risk libraries to standarize the advice and remediation services you provide to clients. 



Find gaps in your policies and control sets using Hailey-AI

Identify compliance and gaps in your policies and control sets against hundreds of frameworks using Hailey-AI.



Identify overlap with other standards and frameworks using Hailey-AI

Automate the analysis and mapping of ISO 27001 against hundreds of standards such as the NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOC 2 and many more. 



Here's why 6clicks will transform your risk and compliance service offering

It's easy to use and
your clients will love it

  • Access to the full suite of GRC modules
  • Fully integrated content library
  • Powered by artificial intelligence
  • Integrated with 4,000 other apps

It's faster to deploy than any alternatives

  • A fraction of the cost of other software 
  • Implemented in days, not months
  • Unpinned by our Hub & Spoke architecture for advisors and MSPs

Use 6clicks to streamline your service delivery

  • Leverage ours and embed your own IP 
  • White label with your own branding
  • Advisors easily access client accounts
  • Deploy for each engagement in seconds

Leverage our content library or embed your own IP

Hundreds of standards, regulations, frameworks, audit and assessment templates, control sets, and risk and issue libraries you can easily customize for your business.
CMMC certification with 6clicks
VPDSS compliance and risk management with 6clicks
Australian privacy compliance with 6clicks
APRA compliance with 6clicks AFSL ACL
Use 6clicks for 27001 compliance and risk management
Use 6clicks for SOC2 compliance and risk managementsoc2
6clicks automates WA Cyber Security Policy (CSP)
HIPAA compliance and risk management with 6clicks
australian-energy-market-operator AESCSF compliance and risk management
NIST CSF 800-53 compliance and risk management
pci-dss-compliant 3.0 4.0
IRAP ISM audit and assessment with 6clicks
ASD Essential 8 with 6clicks
Australian Government APRA and ASIC
UK NCSC Cyber Essentials

Discover the vast content library of frameworks, standards, regulations, audit and assessment templates, risk libraries, obligation and control sets and more

International regulations, standards and frameworks

  • ISO standards including 27001 and 9001
  • Privacy legislation from over 60 countries
  • NIST CSF, 800-53 and more
  • PCI-DSS 3.0 and 4.0
  • SOC2, HIPAA and many more
  • ASD Essential 8 (E8)

Australian state standards and frameworks

  • New South Wales (NSW) Cyber Security Policy (CSP)
  • Victorian Protective Data Security Standards (VPDSS)
  • Queensland Information Security Policy (IS18)
  • Western Australia (WA) Cyber Security Policy (CSP)
  • South Australian (SA) Cyber Security Framework (CSF)
  • Tasmanian (TAS) Information Security Framework (ISF)

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