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Industry challenges

Clients expect professional and managed service providers to deliver digitally enabled services. What's more, professional and managed service providers typically struggle to standardize their offerings and engagements, which are traditionally highly manual using spreadsheets and emails, meaning they deliver to varying quality and struggle to scale.

Because they operate in a highly competitive market, margins are tight, and firms need to offer new and innovative services while optimizing revenue and efficiencies given limited personnel to stay competitive and continue to grow. That being said, professional and managed service providers face challenges when building their own technology solutions due to high development costs, tight budgets and competing priorities, which means projects struggle to get the light of day and, if they do, don't receive the necessary budget to sustain them. 

Our solution

Deliver cutting-edge services that keep pace with customers' changing needs with a single, integrated and centralized, AI-powered GRC platform. Apply your own branding, embed your IP and quickly kick off client engagements at the click of a button, all while ensuring best practices are enforced across service offerings and the allocation of people and skills is optimized.


Better manage risk and compliance

Bringing scalable services to market through a single platform

Digitally enabled GRC services

GRC content management and distribution

Insightful reports and providing valuable benchmarking data for clients


Building and scaling service offerings

Managed service providers and consultants struggle to swiftly adapt and expand their risk and compliance services to meet the dynamic needs of their clients, while simultaneously seeking avenues for growth and enhanced revenue streams.

Bringing scalable services to market through a single platform


Our unique Hub & Spoke multi-tenanted architecture allows service providers and advisors to create, launch, and scale new digital first risk and compliance services effortlessly. Moreover, by joining the 6clicks partner program, service providers and advisors leverage resale benefits, further accelerating growth opportunities.


Managing people, services and processes

MSPs and advisors face challenges in optimizing employee productivity and profit margins due to highly manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks and processes in running maturity assessments and internal audits and services related to risk, issue, compliance and control management.


6clicks offers an AI-powered platform that enables MSPs and consultants to run GRC services for and on behalf of their clients. Our unique Hub & Spoke architecture provides a centralized hub for content and client management, as well as connected, client teams (spokes) to run the day-to-day of engagements in. Through leveraging 6clicks, firms can easily define best practice and enforce it across their advisor force and streamline and automate the delivery of maturity assessments and internal audits, and services related to risk, issue, compliance and control management.


Keeping GRC content up-to-date and standardized

Maintaining updated, standardized GRC content is difficult with decentralized creation and distribution methods like spreadsheets, word documents, and emails. This lack of a unified system causes inconsistencies in content quality and redundant efforts in content creation and updates. Collaboration and version control are particularly problematic in multi-person engagements. All this leads to inconsistent engagements and service delivery. 

GRC content management and distribution


6clicks centralizes content management, making resources readily available to consultants through its unique Hub & Spoke architecture and Content Library. The system allows for central content control at the Hub level, with selective distribution to client-specific 'Spokes.' Content can be locked to maintain consistency across engagements, and activities and versions are automatically tracked throughout the engagement.


Creating reusable and engaging reports for clients

Firms struggle to create reusable, engaging and interactive reports for clients on an engagement-by-engagement basis. Manually creating such reports is extremely time consuming, manual and highly repetitive, and given the data usually resides in excel and word documents, the reporting options are limited.

Insightful reports and providing valuable benchmarking data for clients


Enhance client presentations and insights with dynamic, customizable reporting and analytics. Use ready-made, interactive reports or create bespoke ones to meet specific needs, eliminating disjointed, static reporting. Offer branded, downloadable reports through our Pixel Perfect report generator built at the click of a button. Utilize 6clicks for consistent engagements, enabling client benchmarking and insightful content generation.

So why choose 6clicks?

Traditional GRC



Monolithic software

Everyone battles and creates a mess in the same system


We pioneered connected, multi-team GRC; it’s called Hub & Spoke

Artificial intelligence

Superficial at best

Jumping on the bandwagon

First AI engine built for GRC

We started building in 2019 and continue to innovate



Priced separately or BYO

All included

100’s of standards, laws and regulations, risk libraries, audit templates and more

Implementation & support

Time and rate billing

Pay per hour or day

Included and predictable

From implementation to support for your success, we’re there every step of the way

Advisor enabled

After thought

Like fitting a square peg into a round hole

The perfect fit

Embed your own IP, apply branding and scale with your clients


Highly complex

Pay per module, user, vendor, etc.

Simple: unlimited everything

Just pay per spoke


6clicks is the only GRC platform built for professional and managed service providers, thanks to its unique Hub & Spoke architecture. It allows firms to set themselves up as the central Hub for free, creating individual Spokes for each client, streamlining the deployment of best practice content—including audit and assessment templates, control sets, and risk and issue libraries—and enabling unlimited client audit and assessments with easy report generation. 

6clicks for Advisors & MSPs users is free. You can also run unlimited free audits and assessments with your clients using our Assessment Only License, which includes our single-click report generation capability, Pixel Perfect. The billing only kicks when clients upgrade to a full-featured Spoke.

Clients can effortlessly upgrade to a Growth license, gaining full access to all modules, our powerful AI engine, and our extensive Content Library, all for a simple annual fee with no user limit. 6clicks offers perfect upselling opportunities, as well as discounts and revenue-sharing. This makes it ideal for managed services or extended engagements.


Intelligently accelerate your cyber risk and compliance program today


Stop wasting time with complicated pricing, longwinded consulting efforts and outdated technology.




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