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King & Wood Mallesons


Customer Case Study

King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) is a leading law firm with offices and branches across the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. With a growing global footprint, KWM recognized the need for a dynamic, agile, and efficient governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution to help manage the increasing complexities of their business environment, emerging risks, and regulatory requirements.


Navigating the complexities of the global business environment as a leading law firm with a growing global footprint, KWM had to respond to the challenges of their clients with agility. Those challenges included emerging geopolitical, financial and cyber risks, as well as the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. With a diverse range of clients across multiple industries, KWM needed a solution that could provide oversight across multiple business lines and aggregate risk management in a streamlined manner.


Seeking a dynamic, agile GRC solution, KWM partnered with 6clicks, a leading global platform for GRC, leveraging their unique Hub & Spoke architecture for their internal risk and compliance management requirements. This architecture model enabled KWM to digitize the delivery of advisory services to their clients, including Third Party Risk Management, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), and Consumer Data Rights (CDR) management.


Coupling GRC with advanced reporting and analytics has allowed KWM to better deliver GRC advisory services and create the best possible outcomes for their clients. Additionally, the partnership with 6clicks has enabled KWM to meet their own regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions, including data privacy, cyber security, and consumer protection laws.

The partnership between King & Wood Mallesons and 6clicks has provided businesses with greater ability to access the benefits of the 6clicks platform and its unique Hub & Spoke architecture, driving superior ease of use, faster deployment options, and better risk and compliance outcomes.

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"KWM recognizes that we are operating in an increasingly complex and regulatory diverse business environment in Australia, with new risks and emerging threats. As such, we require a dynamic, agile, and efficient GRC solution capable of providing oversight across multiple business lines through aggregate risk management, curated through a single pane of glass in a streamlined manner with advanced reporting and analytics. 6clicks was a clear choice for us in that regard, both in terms of agility, scalability, and cutting-edge technology."
Peter Stockdale, Partner & Global Head of Risk

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