Go smart with Hailey Artificial Intelligence

Eliminate manual and costly risk and compliance processes with an artificial intelligence engine built into 6clicks.

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Access over 45,000 provisions across 100's of standards, laws and regulations from the 6clicks content library.



Hailey continuously learns, enhancing your compliance using a human feedback loop.



Let Hailey digest and learn from your documents, authorities and internal policies within minutes.



Identify and map common requirements and provisions with stunning accuracy.

What makes Hailey Special

Scale usage with your needs

Handles massive volume and processes requests in seconds (manual processes can take months).

Developed by PHD-qualified team

Proprietary technology developed by a team of PhD qualified engineers.​


Able to understand and learn the nuance associated with a particular industry or compliance domain.​

Accelerate document ingestion

Handles document ingestion with a self-defining schema which overcomes a major problem with usage.

Trained to understand any industry

Pre-tested and trained to enhance effectiveness on a number of massive industry data sets​.

Available on 6clicks platform or via API

Available and integrated into the 6clicks SaaS platform as well an API on a subscription basis.

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