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Embrace The New Age of GRC

Even more efficient, even more effective, even more agile. Welcome to GRC 5.0.

Leverage your first mover advantage with a renewed approach towards governance, risk and compliance. Transition to next-generation GRC supported by strong information and technology architecture.

GRC 5.0 - Hand Cover

Who knew GRC could be...


More Productive


Faster To Implement

Discover how you can effectively implement GRC capability to provide an integrated view of objectives, risks, controls, compliance and more. 

Read all about:

  • The Major Paradigm Shift in GRC
  • Integrating Your Risk Approach
  • The Right Mindset, Framework and Tools
  • Managing Your Cyber Security Risks
  • Achieving GRC Efficiency
  • How 6clicks Can Help Your Business

From the Author...

'It's a bit like the trend away from petrol cars to electric cars - there's suddenly a new way we have to start thinking about the management of GRC and it's only a matter of time until the whole market begins to wake up. Ultimately, it boils down to return on investment and how you can make your people better at what they do with the solutions you put in place'.

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Anthony Stevens
Chief Executive Officer | 6clicks

Why businesses and advisors choose 6clicks

It's faster, easier and more cost effective than any alternative.
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Powered by artificial

Experience the magic of Hailey, our artificial intelligence engine for risk and compliance.

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Unique Hub & Spoke architecture

Deploy multiple teams all connected to a hub - perfect for federated, multi-team structures.

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Fully integrated
content library

Access 100's of standards, control sets, assessment templates, libraries and playbooks.