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New Reports and Minor Updates

Louis Strauss Jul 05, 2021
6clicks New Reports and Minor Updates

I'm happy to be announcing some new updates to the reporting module, including a handful of new reports and enhancements to the reporting module. We have also made some nice little enhancements to make things run a bit smoother for you.


Reporting Updates

All our reports can be found in the Reporting & Analytics module. (3)


New Reports

Introducing the brand new Risk Summary and Issue Summary reports.

The Risk Summary Report allows you to track the number of very high, high, medium, low and very low risks over time. Choose the time you want to track your risks and filter on the owner, risk rating label (current, future or planned) and risk rating.

Risk Summary


The Issue Summary Report is like the Risk Summary Report, except it tracks Priority over time. Filter by Priority and Issue Owner.

Issue Summary

Improved Reports

  • The Issues Register Report displays ID REFs, Issue Type, Issue Priority and all Custom Data as columns. What’s more, Issue Priority, Issue Type, and Linked Assessments are now filters.

  • The Issue Actions Report now includes the ID REFs of Actions and Issues. Clicking on the name of Action takes you to view its details. We have also added the Issue Status and Linked Assessments as filters Lastly, clicking on the name of the Issue takes you to the Issue details screen.

  • The Risks Register Report now includes Linked Assessments as a filter, and you can now click on the Risk’s name to view its details.

  • The Risk Treatment Report now includes Linked Assessments as a filter, and you can now click on the Risk Treatment to view its details.

  • Lastly, we have made some great changes to the Assessment Progress Report. If you select an assessment, you can view for each respondent how many of their assigned questions have completed.


Other Updates

Recently we have also made the following updates:

  • Date field and rich-text editor are new custom fields that can be added to risks, issues, third-parties/vendors.clients, assets and custom register items.
  • Control REF IDs can now be updated when editing a control in a control set/policy.
  • You can now preview assessment templates in the assessment when building them.


You can also start your Requirements Based Assessments journey right now in the 6clicks app, or check out this quick article to get familiar with the basics. Alternatively, if you'd like a demo of 6clicks, book a time that suits you below.


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