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10 Benefits of Choosing ISO 27001 for Information Security

The ISO 27001 information security standard has stood the test of time and continues to be a leading standard in its class.   The popularity of the ISO 27001 framework speaks for itself, with widespread adoption in all major countries around the globe. It is important for businesses to ensure that their information security policies are compliant with industry best practices and government laws. This requires setting up an ISO 27001-based framework and implementing the same, as part of a business continuity plan. ISO 27001 is the first and foremost requirement, for any organization planning to go international or expand nationally. 

Background and Context

Achieving ISO 27001 certification is a costly affair and requires prior planning. Do not jump into it without knowing the benefits that accrue from an ISO 27001 implementation. A responsible Information Security policy defines what constitutes confidential data, how to protect it, and who can access it within the organization. Without a clear information security policy, accidents are bound to happen in any large business organization with hundreds of people working together for common goals. 

 The following article articulates 10 key benefits of adopting ISO 27001 certification.

10 Key Benefits

1) Improved reputation amongst customers and employees with ISO 27001 certification

An established brand value forms the foundation of any corporation's success and appreciation among their target audience or stakeholders.  Information security plays a vital role in building and protecting this brand equity.  ISO 27001 certification is a widely recognized symbol of credibility and assurance for organizations, which helps them in gaining the trust and confidence of their customers. 

An information security policy that aligns with ISO standards demonstrates your company's commitment towards top-notch protection against data breaches and loss. This shows your employees, stakeholders and partners that you take security seriously thereby reducing any worry or doubt they might have about using your services. 

2)  Reduced risk with ISO 27001

A thorough ISO information security system assessment helps to identify vulnerabilities in an organization's existing policies and procedures. It puts forth recommendations on how to eliminate these gaps while integrating the best practices for maximum effectiveness.   Once implemented, this results in lower risks of it being compromised by hackers as well as lower risks of being accused of negligence or misconduct.   

3) Better business continuity

A comprehensive ISO 27001 information security system can help your company bounce back up quickly from any disaster like a competitor hack, cyber-attack, natural disaster etc.  Such an information security policy should include a documented plan for dealing with data breaches and other incidents. This includes developing effective communication protocols that will ease the burden in notifying customers when critical operations have been compromised due to a major breach. Furthermore, it creates awareness among your employees about doing the right thing during an emergency i.e. complying with government regulations, maintaining records and other important procedures that will help minimize damage once such incident occurs. 

4) Reduction in cost of compliance

Time spent in managing a company's information security is very much costly in terms of its management and resources.  Achieving the ISO 27001 certification greatly reduces the time required to manage your information security as it provides you with a comprehensive set of guidelines which efficiently addresses any vulnerabilities that might arise.   

5) Ability to take advantage of opportunities

A suitable ISO 27001 certification will give your organization an edge over its competitors by enabling you to benefit from new market opportunities thereby advancing your business objectives. 

6) Flexible implementation

The ISO framework provides you with various options on how to tailor its process for effective implementation in your organization at all levels (local, regional or global). Moreover, there are several flexible arrangements available like choosing between implementing the full core set or choosing only those elements that are relevant to your business.   

7) Vast resource pool

ISO 27001 certification opens the doors of an extensive network comprising of industry leaders, small and medium-sized businesses, and government officials who form a common platform for continual learning and exchange.   This leads to a better understanding of information security issues faced by other organizations thereby establishing a collaborative environment where mutual trust can be built upon.   

8) Helps you in building your brand

Achieving ISO 27001 allows you to build stronger relationships with your customers as well as with relevant stakeholders that provide valuable inputs for your business. It also helps in accumulating more resources required to support business growth like capital investment, human talent and technology that are so essential for achieving greater heights.  It further provides you with a competitive advantage over your competitors which will help you in maintaining a healthy market share.   

9) Helps you to stand out

Achieving ISO 27001 certification puts an organization on the map of some of the biggest names in business thereby giving them access to valuable industry insights and opportunities that would have otherwise remained unknown to them. It also helps make them eligible for special incentives that may be provided by the government or other funding agencies.  This could lead to earning profits from existing sources with greater ease as well as acquiring new ones that were not previously available before. 

10) Overall, better for business

Better brand reputation

At present, the top priority for most businesses is customer satisfaction because this reduces expenses and increases profit margins while enhancing overall reputation. Achieving ISO 27001 certification will give your organization an edge over its competitors as it suggests your ability to provide secure information services and meet customer expectations while gaining their trust in these increasingly complex times with data breaches and other incidents occurring globally.  

Generation of new revenue streams

ISO 27001 Certification can help you generate more profit from existing sources by strengthening the security infrastructure of your organization which is vital for running a business smoothly. This may also lead to acquiring new opportunities that were not previously available before thereby opening a vast pool of possibilities for achieving greater success.


Achieving an ISO certification for your company's information security is not only a validation of your compliance efforts but also brings numerous benefits that go beyond it.  All these benefits have contributed to making ISO 27001 one of the most preferred standards for businesses worldwide. 

Safeguarding your company's information assets is an important aspect of achieving sustainable long-term success; you can do so by implementing the ISO 27001 standard.  If you would like more details on how ISO 27001 will benefit your organization, then contact 6clicks today. 

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