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Hub & Spoke™ Architecture

The 6clicks Hub & Spoke™ multi-entity GRC architecture

Designed to support the needs of a multi-entity business model suitable for enterprises with separate environments, partnerships, franchisors, advisors, MSPs, industry bodies, asset portfolio managers and more!

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6clicks Awarded Top 100 Innovators
6clicks Awarded RegTech Top 100
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"Every day - all around the world - risk events occur, governments announce new regulatory initiatives and regulatory bodies update existing compliance laws and regulations. It is a difficult task for even the most organised risk team to stay abreast of these developments in real time."

Peter Deans
Creator & Founder 52 Risks I Non Executive Director
Strategy & Risk Advisor I Former Chief Risk Officer

Who benefits from Hub & Spoke™

The bidirectional data model allows for a truly holistic single-pane-of-glass view into a hierarchical GRC program. The 6clicks Hub and Spoke™ model works for so many different use cases and client types such as:





Join others using 6clicks Hub & Spoke™ to manage risk and compliance for their enterprise.






6clicks CEO Explains Hub & Spoke™ in 90 seconds

Watch Anthony Stevens, CEO of 6clicks explain the unique Hub & Spoke™ architecture that powers 6clicks.

You will learn:

  • What makes Hub & Spoke™ useful across so many industries
  • The key benefits of Hub & Spoke™ saving you time and money
6clicks CEO Explains Hub & Spoke™
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The Unique Value of Leveraging 6clicks

View and manage all your autonomous GRC programs
in one integrated platform.

  • Content within the 6clicks marketplace can be tailored and made available for each of the federated tenants
  • Each tenant can operate largely autonomously, adopting functionality at their own pace
  • Each team's data can be managed individually, including the team configuration, user access, and permissions
  • Users within center of excellence (CoE) team can access each of the tenant accounts as an 'advisor'
  • Data from each entity team can be easily rolled up to the Center of Excellence for reporting
  • Risk reviews can be initiated from the CoE to get a quick snapshot of risks at a board or senior executive level
  • Curate a single-pane-of-glass GRC landscape regardless of how many separate entities your organization is required to manage

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Federated Business Model Diagram


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