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Evaluating GRC software to delight your clients and transform service delivery?

Go ahead, compare our software with any of the competition and we guarantee you'll be blown away.

Designed from the ground up for advisors and MSPs.  And it shows. 




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GRC Software evaluation guide for Advisors & MSPs


The unique features and capabilities are designed for advisors & MSPs. Built from the ground up and continuously refined like all good things.

Multi-Tenant Client Management

It's integral that any GRC platform is designed for running engagements or managed services with clients, and unless your software was built for this, it's nearly impossible to retrofit. In the 6clicks world, we call this capability Hub & Spoke, which makes our platform perfect for advisors, MSPs, and their clients.

A one-to-many relationship between you and your clients
Yes - run all your engagements from one spot
Provision a client account in seconds
Yes - in '6 clicks', in fact
Conduct one-time or maturity-assessment style engagements
Yes - free for your clients' to access too
Run managed GRC services on behalf of clients
Advisors access client teams (spokes) from your own centralized team (hub)
Yes - easily manage client access
A unique 'OneClick' URL for easy client onboarding

Advisor Access

Any GRC solution you deploy should make running multiple engagements with clients a breeze for your advisors. This means a simple and centralized way for them to access and manage their clients - no matter the number.

Single advisor login to multiple client accounts
Easy and secure switching between client teams
Robust client access controls

Client Template Management

Setting up a client engagement should take seconds, not hours or days. With client templating, you can create a client team with all the content and data ready to go at the click of a button.

Create client templates including content and configuration
Create unlimited client templates designed for specific types of engagements and services
Link client templates to existing client teams to initiate new engagements
Use client templates to generate rolled-up benchmarking and analytics

Content and content management are at the core of 6clicks. Leverage our extensive content library, add your own content and easily manage the content your clients have access to.

Leverage our massive content library to support your service offerings
Create and manage your own content
'Push' content directly to specific clients
Allow clients to access content from your own privately curated content library
Yes - use our content and/or add your own

Benchmarking, Dashboards & Analytics

All roads lead to reporting. That's why 6clicks offers some of the most advanced out-of-the-box reporting compared with other GRC platforms.

Client-ready reports and dashboards
Create custom reports and dashboards for clients
Easily generate Pixel Perfect compliance reports for clients, such as PCI-DSS ROC
Rolled-up reporting and benchmarking across client teams

White Labelling & Brand Management

The GRC platform you provide to your clients should feel like a natural extension of your organization, ensuring your clients feel safe and comfortable. 6clicks is designed to do precisely this, helping you build stronger relationships with your clients.

White label (color, logo and favicon) your site and client teams
Emails with your logo and branding
Custom content library listings (branding and descriptions)

Partnership & Commercial Models

At 6clicks we know all our partners are different. That's why we offer a number of different partnership opportunities to meet your needs. 

Chose the approach that suits your business model
Affiliate model where you refer leads and receive a referral fee
Resale model where you can bundle 6clicks licenses with your existing or new service offerings

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