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Automate ISO 27001 Compliance


Make it easy to implement policies, manage assets, identify risks, issues and incidents, and collect evidence you need to get ISO 27001 certified

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Using Hailey-AI for compliance mapping over spreadsheets

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Save hundreds of hours compared with manual alternatives

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What Is ISO/IEC 27001?

ISO/IEC 27001 is one of the globally accepted standards used to demonstrate the maturity of your information security management system (ISMS). You are also increasingly likely to get asked to demonstrate your ISO/IEC 27001 2013, NIST CSF or SOC 2 certification.
Here's how 6clicks automates your ISO 27001 compliance automation, quickly:



Leverage our massive content library to get the necessary artifacts in place quickly and efficiently
The 6clicks marketplace of content includes standards, laws, regulations, assessment templates, policies, control sets, risk libraries, incident playbooks and risk methodologies to help you get up and running quickly. 

Asset 63


Use requirements based assessments to establish your Statement of Applicability
Prepare a Statement of Applicability against each of the 114 Annex A controls available from the 6clicks marketplace of content by assigning to a respondent and tracking a requirement's implementation status.

Asset 6@6x


Use questionnaire based assessments for internal audits or third-party risk assessments
Perform an internal audit against the mandatory requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 using our digital copy available from the 6clicks marketplace of content, as well as supply chain and other third-party assessments. 

Asset 56


Identify and manage information assets to link to risks, issues, and incidents
Know what need to protect and how much you need to protect it by keeping track of your information assets, owners, classifications, related systems and related third-parties in 6clicks.

Digital Repository


Define and manage risks, issues, and incidents linked to management reviews and audits
Consider the risks relevant to your business. Identify what you need to protect your assets from and how you are going to do it with 6clicks. Record what isn't working and improve over time.

Asset 52-1


Use Hailey, our AI engine, to speed up compliance with other standards, regulations, and frameworks
Leverage the increasing power of 6clicks Hailey AI starting with automated mappings (crosswalks) of ISO/IEC 27001 against other related standards such as the NIST CSF and many more. 

Use Hailey, our artificial intelligence engine to automate your compliance with multiple standards, laws and regulations

It's highly likely you'll need to ensure compliance or pass an audit related to more than just one standard. That's why we built 6clicks - with all the content you need updated continuously.

And eliminate manual and costly risk and compliance processes with artificial intelligence to automate compliance mapping. We call it Hailey!


Savings using AI over spreadsheets

Requirements, control sets and assessment templates.  All ready to go.


  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SOC 2
  • PSPF
  • ASD Essential 8
  • ASD Top 37

Are you a consultant or advisor?

Learn more about how the 6clicks partner program can streamline your service delivery and accelerate implementation of your ISO 27001 compliance certification.

Features to put you in control

Automate and accelerate your ISMS implementation with these features.

Asset Management

Classify and manage the inventory of information assets across your company which you can then link to issues and risks


Content Library

Integrated standards, laws, regulations, control sets, assessment templates, risk libraries, playbooks and project templates


Audit & Assessment

Question or requirements based assessments for audit, maturity or compliance assessment

incident response

Incident Playbooks

Define your own or use built-in incident response playbooks to help guide you through critical or time-sensitive events

trust portal

Trust Portal

Share assessments, policies and other evidence with external parties using profiles to establish trust and build confidence



Integrate 6clicks with 3,000+ apps you know and love to streamline processes across your business


Vendor Management

Manage your supply chain risk with vendor risk assessments, vendor profiling and vendor issue management

risk management

Risk Management

Risk identification, risk assessment and risk treatment individually or as a team - on the web or mobile device

compliance mapping

Compliance Mapping

Use artificial intelligence to automate compliance mapping between standards, laws and regulations


Policies & Control Sets

Define and manage policies and controls including responsibilities and obligation linkages

taks management

Task Management

Ensure effective remediation with integrated actions and task management across all risk and compliance processes


Reports & Analytics

Real-time, shareable reports of your risk and compliance posture associated with compliance obligations


All features are included in all our plans. Check out the pricing here.

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Everything you need be ISO 27001 certified, fast. 

Accelerate and simplify ISO 27001 certification and implement 6clicks in as little as 10 days.