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Startup Growth Enterprise
All the functionality you need for better risk and compliance management.
Scale seamlessly as a team with all the content and functionality you need for better risk identification, assessment and reporting.
Unlimited access to features, content and deployment options for an unlimited number of users across your organisation.
Risk Management
Risk Identification
Identify risks in the Risk Register including Common Causes & Potential Impacts.
Risk Assessment
Assess risks in the Risk Register including Likelihood, Impact and Risk Rating.
Risk Treatment
Select a risk treatment decision and create multiple risk treatment plans.
Risk Registers
Tag risks to group them into different virtual Risk Registers to stay organised.
Custom Risk Libraries
Create your own custom risk libraries with scenarios, Common Causes and Potential Impacts.
Custom Risk Ratings
Customise your Likelihood, Impact and Risk Ratings to suit your organisations approach.
Audit & Assessment
Design & Send Assessments
Build and send compliance, control and supplier Assessments internally or to third-parties.
Assessment Response
Respond to compliance, control and supplier Assessments that you have been sent via Tasks.
Response Collaboration
Delegate Assessment items to which you've been assigned to others on your team.
Lifecycle Management
Review, analyse and report on Assessment responses.
Template Management
Manage Assessment Templates so you can re-use them for a consistent Assessment process.
Lifecycle Management
Add Third-Parties and associate them with Assets and Assessments.
Bulk Import
Bulk import Third-Parties and bulk send Assessments.
Grouping & Tagging
Group Third-Parties using tag(s) to categorise them and target them with different Assessment Templates.
Custom Data & Documents
Add custom data fields to Third-parties to track vital information and upload any associated documents.
Trust & Transparency
View Trust Portal
View Assessments, Control Sets (Policies) and Supporting Documents shared with you by 6clicks customers.
Create and Share Multiple Trust Profiles
Create and share multiple Trust Portal with selected Assessments, Controls Sets and Support Documents.
Issue & Remediation
Issue and Action Management
Manage Issues and Actions in the Issue Register.
Action Response
View Issue Actions in your Tasks list and complete them.
Assign Actions to Third-Parties
Assign Actions to Third-Parties.
Compliance Requirements
Access and download compliance requirements from the Marketplace into your account.
Compliance Mapping
Map compliance requirements to identify similarities and differences with other requirements.
Control Set Management
View Control Sets (Policies)
View Control Set (Policies) in the easy to use Control Set (Policy) viewer form.
Control Set Builder
Build your own Control Sets, define Controls and associate them with compliance requirements.
Control Set Responsibility Management
Link Responsibilities to your Controls to ensure ongoing effectiveness.
Schedule and Monitor Ongoing Tasks
Assign owners and members to Responsibiities so they appear as tasks and schedule them to be recurring.
Reporting & Analytics
Pre-Defined Reports
View pre-defined reports quickly and easily in 6clicks.
Report Export
Export pre-defined reports in a variety of formats (images and data tables).
Microsoft Power BI Access
Connect Microsoft Power BI to your account for advanced reporting.
Built-in Content Library
Access the 6clicks Content Library / Marketplace including Standards, Laws & Regulations.
CompLeR Risk Library
Access the CompLeR risk library (by Samantha Carroll) for financial services, banking and compliance.
52Risks Risk Library
Access the 52 Risks risk library (by Peter Deans) for Business including Strategic and Operational risks.
6clicks Risk Libraries
Access a wide range of 6clicks curated risk lirbaries for cyber security, pandemics and so many more.
Knowledge Base
Access to the 6clicks Knowledgebase to understand how to perform common functions.
Email & Chat Support
Access the 6clicks support team via email and chat.
Phone Support
Access the 6clicks support team via phone.
Dedicated Account Manager
Get your very own 6clicks Customer Success Manager to help you achieve your objectives.
Reporting API
Access your information in 6clicks via our Reporting & Analytics API.
Multi Factor Authentication​
Access your 6clicks team using Multi-Factor Authentication e.g. Google Authenticator.
Single Sign On (SSO)
Access your 6clicks team using Single Sign On (SSO) e.g. Okta.
Attestations & Metrics
Complete attestations of Risks and Controls, and link Risks to visual metrics.
Custom Registers
Create custom registers with custom data fields for everything from Assets to Gifts.
Document Storage
Upload documents and link them to various records including Assessments, Risks and Issues.
Custom Branding
Customise the look and feel of your 6clicks team to enhance familiarity.
Custom Data
Customise the fields that appear in certain modules including Registers, Risks and Issues.
Global Audit Trail
Access a complete audit trail of changes made to your 6clicks account data.
Priority Feature Requests & Early Access
Access experimental features and get your requests prioritised on our product roadmap.