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Exploring 6clicks' Hub & Spoke for advisors and managed service providers

Louis Strauss |

January 11, 2024
Exploring 6clicks' Hub & Spoke for advisors and managed service providers


One of the biggest challenges GRC advisors and managed service providers face is finding a cost-effective, integrated solution to build and scale their services. Recognizing this struggle to keep up with market demand and high development costs, 6clicks has pioneered an all-in-one, AI-powered platform featuring a proprietary, multi-tenanted architecture called the Hub & Spoke. Let's take a look at what makes it the ideal GRC solution for advisors and MSPs.

What is the Hub & Spoke? 

6clicks' Hub & Spoke is GRC software designed for MSPs & Advisors. The flexible deployment model allows for firms to set themselves up as the 'Hub', with connected client teams called 'Spokes'. The centralized Hub is where all services, client engagement activation, and content required to run engagements are centralized and managed. As a white-label product, advisors and managed service providers can brand the platform as their own and provide it to their clients via team environments called Spokes to run GRC engagements and services.

Hub & Spoke For Professional & Managed Services

What are the features of the Hub? 

The Hub is where your advisor users live and access their client engagements. It's also where all the necessary content required to run engagements is created, managed, and distributed to clients.

100% free to use for advisors and MSPs.

We believe in valuable outcomes for our customers, and thus, billing is only triggered when you upgrade a client Spoke to a full-featured Spoke (more on Spoke licensing below). This means you can onboard and train all your advisors and set up your content before any billing occurs.

Easily manage all clients from the Hub

The Hub is a centralized environment for advisor users to oversee in-flight client engagements. Advisor users can see their centralized list of client Spokes from a single dashboard and access the Spokes at the click of a button. Advisors can only view and access client Spokes they have been given access to, ensuring client data is protected. Client Spokes templates can also be created for specific types of engagement and services, allowing client Spokes with all the necessary content and configuration settings to be created in seconds, negating lengthy setup times and inconsistencies that come with spreadsheets and emails.

Create your own or use 6clicks' free content

Audit and assessment templates, control sets and policies, risk and issue libraries, and other types of content for client services and engagements are also created, managed, and distributed from the Hub. You can upload your own or use our embedded content from the 6clicks public Content Library for various GRC use cases and verticals.

Exclusive Content Library to define your clients' experience

Advisors and MSPs also have their own exclusive Content Library, which gives them full control of the content available to their clients. You can also skip the Library altogether and push content directly to your clients whenever needed.

Robust analytics and reporting

The 6clicks Reporting & Analytics engine can be used for aggregating and benchmarking across client engagements to help generate thought leadership and drive better outcomes for your clients.


What are the features of the client Spokes?

Client Spokes are perfect for running everything from an initial maturity assessment up to a full-blown GRC-managed service, such as a virtual CISO (vCISO) engagement. To support these services, client Spokes have access to the following capabilities:

6clicks' suite of GRC modules

At its core, 6clicks' Spokes offers powerful capability to run and automate client engagements. Key Spoke modules include Audits & Assessments, Controls & Policies, Compliance, Risks, Issues & Incidents, Assets, and Registers. Designed initially for cyber risk and compliance, our capability can be extended into other risk and compliance domains. Moreover, data between the respective modules can be linked to ensure the correct information and context are available, enriching workflows and reporting.

6clicks' proprietary AI engine built for GRC

Hailey AI, our AI engine built for GRC, can help your team reach peak efficiency by automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks, including compliance and control mapping. Quickly map compliance requirements, standards, laws, and frameworks and run a single audit and assessment against one another to understand your compliance with all. Hailey also can map controls back to target compliance requirements to identify areas of compliance and non-compliance.

More recently, we've introduced Hailey GPT, which uses large language models and generative AI to generate control definitions based on compliance requirements and automatically respond to audits and assessments based on historical data within the Spoke environment.

Powerful reporting and analytics

Generate comprehensive insights by leveraging our native reports and dashboards, or create your own to get the specific data your clients require. Our LiveDocs capability allows you to create living, breathing reporting artefacts you can collaborate on and share. Lastly, you can generate custom-branded audit and assessment reports for your clients at the click of a button using our Pixel Perfect capability, completely streamlining your report creation process.  


Hub & Spoke Licensing Options 

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Hub licensing for Advisor & MSP users

Hub licensing for Advisor & MSP users is always free with unlimited users and user access. There are also no limits on content creation, management, or distribution to clients with unlimited access to the 6clicks open Content Library.


Spoke licensing for clients

Under the Hub & Spoke, Advisors & MSPs can grant two licensing options for their clients. Learn the benefits of each license type and how they differ from one another: 

Assessment Only License

With the Assessment Only License, you can take advantage of free and unlimited audits and assessments with a client. This license includes access to the exclusive Content Library and the 6clicks' Reporting & Analytics features, including the single-click report generation capability, Pixel Perfect. Advisors & MSPs have complete control over the client's account and can add unlimited client response-only users who can respond to audit and assessment questions. There's also limited access to the risk and issue modules, allowing risks and issues to be raised off the back of completed audits and assessments. Below is an illustration of the features available with the license: 

Free assessor


The Assessment Only License is recommended for clients with audit and assessment needs, perfect for initial maturity assessments early on in the client engagement lifecycle.

Full Feature Spoke License

Meanwhile, Advisors & MSPs can make the most of the 6clicks platform for their clients and enhance their services with a Full Feature Spoke License. With this license, your clients have access to all the modules of 6clicks, unlimited content, our full analytics and reporting capability, and unlimited access and use of our AI engine. Get the complete picture of what’s in store for your clients: 

Full feature


The Full Feature Spoke License allows you to use the platform for various styles of engagements and managed services with unlimited client users. This license is perfect for Advisors & MSPs with diverse clients, as it follows a tiered pricing model for clients. 

Deliver top-tier client experience with 6clicks’ Hub & Spoke 

Regardless of your client base, the Hub & Spoke can help you upgrade, automate, and scale your professional or managed services and improve your clients’ experience. 

Learn more about how our GRC solution can help you accelerate growth, unlock new revenue opportunities, and achieve your business goals. Apply now to get started. 



Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

Louis is the Co-founder and Chief Product Marketing Officer (CPMO) at 6clicks, where he spearheads collaboration among product, marketing, engineering, and sales teams. With a deep-seated passion for innovation, Louis drives the development of elegant AI-powered solutions tailored to address the intricate challenges CISOs, InfoSec teams, and GRC professionals face. Beyond cyber GRC, Louis enjoys reading and spending time with his friends and family.