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A guide to 6clicks' Cyber GRC Content Library for Advisors & MSPs

Louis Strauss |

January 19, 2024
A guide to 6clicks' Cyber GRC Content Library for Advisors & MSPs


In an increasingly digital world, advisors and managed service providers must rise above traditional Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) methods and adopt innovative strategies to make their mark in the industry. This involves offering customers an effective GRC solution incorporating robust features and powerful content integration. With 6clicks’ Content Library, you can provide your clients with a vast collection of templates, libraries, frameworks, and other turnkey content to support them with their GRC activities and goals. Read on to discover how to utilize our Content Library for your service offerings.

What is the 6clicks Content Library? 

The 6clicks Content Library is home to hundreds of audit and assessment templates, risk libraries, control sets, incident playbooks, and other types of content. It is carefully curated from trusted and inclusive sources such as the ISO, NIST, CMMC, and the US, UK, and Australian governments. With 6clicks, users can adapt content for various purposes and industries, whether cybersecurity, finance services, aerospace and defense, logistics or telecommunications, to name a few. 

Who can use the 6clicks Content Library? 

The Content Library is available to all users of 6clicks’ GRC software. Advisors and Managed Service Providers (Advisors & MSPs) can download, modify, and distribute unlimited content for clients to support different risk and compliance services and engagements. Aside from the open Content Library, Advisors & MSPs also have an Exclusive Library of their own to grow their content catalog, which only their clients can access. 

What are the different types of content in the Content Library? 

Advisor & MSP content library with 6clicks

From security standards to project plans, the 6clicks Content Library has it all. It provides users with the flexibility to use straight away or, alter them according to their requirements, fueling your client services and engagements. Here are the different content formats that you can find from our extensive library: 

  • Standards – Comprised of local and international standard procedures from the ISM, ISO, SEC, FTC, and more. 

  • Legislation – Laws related to health, transportation, data protection & privacy, cybersecurity, fraud & abuse, and other disciplines 

  • Regulations – Regulatory frameworks such as the DORA, GDPR, and more. 

  • Risk libraries – Expedite the risk identification step. Browse 6clicks’ risk libraries with templated risks compiled from over 40 risk domains. 

  • Control sets – Develop a mature compliance strategy with policies and control sets from the ISO, NIST, and more. 

  • Obligation sets – A list of obligations or requirements in adherence to specified agreements, laws, or regulations. 

  • Guidelines – A set of instructions for complex processes such as obtaining licenses, implementing supply chain risk management practices, and more. 

  • Frameworks – Effectively manage governance, risk, and compliance and apply industry policies using frameworks from 6clicks, NIST, DISP, and IRAP, among others. 

  • Audit & assessment templates – Streamline risk management through dozens of audit and assessment templates encompassing multiple compliance domains, sectors, and jurisdictions. 

  • Incident playbooks – Guide users with best practices and expedite incident resolution with playbooks from 6clicks, Microsoft, and more.

  • Report templates – Create structured reports in a matter of seconds through 6clicks’ Pixel Perfect custom report generator. 

Hub & Spoke and the Content Library 

6clicks' Hub & Spoke is a multi-tenanted platform allowing separate environments called Spokes for Advisors & MSPs to run their client engagements from, all connected to a central Hub. The Hub is where Advisors & MSPs can create and manage client Spokes and content to run engagements from, with the activities related to each client engagement being carried out at the Spoke level. 

Hub & Spoke For Professional & Managed Services


With 6clicks' Hub & Spoke, you can completely move your engagements off spreadsheets with 6clicks’ full suite of GRC modules and capability, generative AI engine, and leading-edge analytics and reporting tools. Clients can have partial access with an Assessment Only License or full access with a Full Feature Spoke License. 

Advisors & MSPs can customize the platform with their branding and augment their advisory or managed services by delivering personalized content to clients. Here’s how the Content Library can help you serve your clients better: 

Free access and usage 

Use all of the 6clicks content from the public Content Library for free and distribute it to your clients via the Hub. Content integrates with all 6clicks modules, including audits and assessments, risk and incident management, vendor risk management, and more. Leverage Hailey, our AI engine, to automate repetitive tasks and leverage our powerful reporting capability to bring your GRC content and services to life. 

Exclusive Content Library 

Advisors & MSP users have an Exclusive Library where they can upload their own content and intellectual property as well as content from the public Content Library. Advisors & MSPs can curate their exclusive Content Library according to the specific requirements of their clients and related services. 

Easily download and distribute content

Conveniently download audit and assessment templates, control sets, standards, laws, regulations playbooks, and risk and issue libraries in one click. Define Spoke templates that contain all the content required for a service or engagement, which client Spokes are created from at the click of a button to negate lengthy setup processes. What’s more, you can push specific content items directly to your client Spokes, bypassing your exclusive Content Library if need be. 

Support your clients' content needs effectively with 6clicks' Hub & Spoke 

Centralize and drive better client experiences and engagement with 6clicks. Build your Content Library, automate engagements and reporting, and leverage the power of AI to unlock new revenue opportunities. 



Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

Louis is the Co-founder and Chief Product Marketing Officer (CPMO) at 6clicks, where he spearheads collaboration among product, marketing, engineering, and sales teams. With a deep-seated passion for innovation, Louis drives the development of elegant AI-powered solutions tailored to address the intricate challenges CISOs, InfoSec teams, and GRC professionals face. Beyond cyber GRC, Louis enjoys reading and spending time with his friends and family.