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Glossary definition: ISO/IEC 27001 Scope

ISO/IEC 27001 Scope: Understand What It Is & How to Use It

ISO/IEC 27001 Scope is a set of requirements for the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that defines the boundaries of the system and its objectives. It is a framework that sets out the scope of the ISMS, the processes and procedures that will be used to manage the security of the organization’s information assets, and the resources that will be used to implement and maintain the system. The scope of the ISMS will be determined by the organization’s risk management process and should include, but not be limited to: the organization’s information assets, the security controls that will be implemented, the roles and responsibilities of personnel, the organizational structure, the procedures to be followed, the documentation and records to be maintained, and the implementation and monitoring of the system. The scope should also include the identification and assessment of risks, the implementation of measures to reduce those risks, the monitoring of the system and its effectiveness, and the continual improvement of the system.