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Glossary definition: Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture: A Blueprint for Business Success

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an integrated framework that defines the structure, processes, and systems of an organization, along with the relationships between them. It is a comprehensive approach to designing, planning, and implementing the technology, processes, and resources of an organization in order to meet its business objectives. EA also helps organizations to align their strategies and objectives with their technology investments in order to create value, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. It is a comprehensive blueprint of an organization's IT infrastructure and its alignment with the business strategy. It is designed to provide a holistic view of the organization's IT systems and their relationships to the organization's goals, objectives, and strategies. EA also helps organizations to identify and address potential risks and opportunities associated with their IT investments. It is an evolving discipline that includes the understanding of the organization's current and future business needs and the development of a comprehensive roadmap to achieve those goals.