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Quest selects 6clicks to support their managed cyber GRC offering

Anthony Stevens |

August 15, 2022
Quest selects 6clicks to support their managed cyber GRC offering


Quest Technology Management, a cybersecurity advisory and managed service provider based in Roseville, CA selects 6clicks as their platform to provide digitally enabled cyber audit and management capabilities.

Cyber governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) leader 6clicks is excited to announce Quest has selected the 6clicks platform to support their cyber audit services and related managed service offerings.

With 40 years of experience, Quest has a proven track record of delivering cybersecurity and managed services to clients across all industries. The opportunity to partner with 6clicks appealed to Quest, given 6clicks’ disruption to the market with its unique Hub & Spoke architecture, Hailey AI engine and a fully integrated content library.

Tim Burke, CEO of Quest said,

Increasing governance requirements mean that compliance officers need to do more than just ‘check the box’ to meet risk management objectives. 6clicks’ robust platform allows our clients to seamlessly manage GRC across the organization. All of this, coupled with the 6clicks strategy to embrace the channel, made the decision to partner, an easy one.

Underpinning the 6clicks platform is the Hub & Spoke architecture, referencing the platform’s ability to easily cater for multiple connected accounts. This architecture is ideal to meet the needs of any organization with defined standards and requirements via a centralized management console while maintaining independence at the subsidiary or entity level.

6clicks Chief Executive Officer Anthony Stevens, said,

We are excited to expand our footprint in the US market with our new partnership with Quest, a leader in the cybersecurity space. It was extremely important to 6clicks to team up with a company with a long history in Governance, Risk and Compliance. We are thrilled with our new relationship and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

This announcement follows coverage of 6clicks by world-renowned GRC analyst Michael Rasmussen who covered the unique 6clicks Hub & Spoke architecture, and its capability to rapidly accelerate deployment for enterprises. Learn more about the Hub & Spoke – GRC engagement here.

About Quest
Quest® is a leading global technology management firm. For 40 years, they have worked seamlessly to help their clients achieve technology and business goals.  Quest delivers managed IT, cloud, consulting, staffing, and support services for  cybersecurity, disaster recovery, incident response, unified communications and  carrier solutions, virtualization, networking, application development, data centre, and physical infrastructure including access control, wireless design, video conferencing, and cabling/fiber optic.


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Their unique and flexible service level agreement, QuestFlex®, allows companies to customize managed technologies on-premises, off-site, or in the cloud with one of their US-based or international service delivery centres.


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About 6clicks

6clicks is powered by Hailey, a breakthrough AI engine to automate common compliance tasks. It includes a massive content library and is integrated with over 4,000 apps, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google, Typeform, and Google Suite. Learn more about the 6clicks features here.

For more information about 6clicks, please see the media kit here.

Anthony Stevens

Written by Anthony Stevens

Ant Stevens is a luminary in the enterprise software industry, renowned as the CEO and Founder of 6clicks, where he spearheads the integration of artificial intelligence into their cybersecurity, risk and compliance platform. Ant has been instrumental developing software to support advisor and MSPs. Away from the complexities of cybersecurity and AI, Ant revels in the simplicity of nature. An avid camper, he cherishes time spent in the great outdoors with his family and beloved dog, Jack, exploring serene landscapes and disconnecting from the digital tether.