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New Features: Assessment reopening and service provider updates

Louis Strauss |

November 13, 2020
New Features: Assessment reopening and service provider updates


Hi All,

We have packed some highly requested functionality into this week’s release, including the ability to reopen Assessments and aall-new way to create client accounts as a Service Provider. 

Lastly, you can now also delete Control Set Responsibilities – a small update but great for housekeeping!

You can now reopen Assessments so results can be updated and submitted as a new version.

You can also run reports on any version to track changes over time! 


The New Client modal provides you with the simplest and most efficient way to create a client, allocate their License type, send out user activation emails and assign advisors without ever having to leave your dashboard!


Responsibilities can now be deleted giving you the ability to keep your data clean and up-to-date. 


If you missed our recent post on Hailey AI and Import/Export Additions you can find it here.

We’ll be bringing you many more feature-packed updates very soon so stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you have any queries please feel free to contact me at anytime.



Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

Louis is the Co-founder and Chief Product Marketing Officer (CPMO) at 6clicks, where he spearheads collaboration among product, marketing, engineering, and sales teams. With a deep-seated passion for innovation, Louis drives the development of elegant AI-powered solutions tailored to address the intricate challenges CISOs, InfoSec teams, and GRC professionals face. Beyond cyber GRC, Louis enjoys reading and spending time with his friends and family.