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Why do I need FedRAMP?

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Why do I need FedRAMP?

FedRAMP is an important security standard for government cloud services because it provides a consistent set of security requirements and evaluation criteria that all government agencies and cloud providers must meet. This ensures that all cloud services used by the government are secure and compliant with the same standards.

FedRAMP also provides a standardized process for monitoring and evaluating cloud services to ensure that they remain secure and compliant with the security requirements. This process includes regular reviews and audits to ensure that cloud services are meeting the security requirements and that any changes to the services are properly documented and assessed.

Finally, FedRAMP provides a way for government agencies to quickly and easily assess the security of cloud services. By having a set of standardized requirements and evaluation criteria, agencies can quickly evaluate the security of a cloud service and make sure that it meets their needs. This saves time and money and ensures that government agencies are using secure and compliant cloud services.