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National Peak Body for Governance



Customer case study


When approached by this organization, we recognized that they were not only small in size but also were operating largely via manual processes.  Moving away from spreadsheet to a SaaS GRC platform for operational efficiency was of high priority.  


With 7 divisions at varying degrees of maturity, the need for the 6clicks Hub & Spoke architecture became clearly evident. Employing this architecture allowed the client to quickly push their regulatory, assessment and configuration content out to each division, while allowing for the divisions to remain fully autonomous from each other, via a separate GRC instance, with data segregation and role-based access controls. Further, the Hub & Spoke architecture allowed this organization to roll up risk and compliance date to the Hub for aggregate executive reporting.


The success of this implementation has propelled the Head of Risk to achieve greater visibility and credibility within the organization as a direct reflection of his innovative use of the 6clicks platform.
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