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Enabling Organizations to Deliver on 6clicks Pixel Perfect™ Audit Reporting

When organizations are navigating the complexities of achieving and maintaining compliance with numerous authorities and regulators, producing quality reports with differing mandated structures and requirements adds to the list of challenges.

Regulations, such as PCI DSS and FedRAMP, have strict reporting requirements that must be followed or organizations risk getting sent back to the starting block. When a report finally gets buttoned up, it’s time to start on the next one. It’s time-consuming, resource-hogging, and overwhelming.

Where to begin you ask? We’ll show you…


The Problem

Organizations are spending countless hours, resources, and dollars to ensure assessment reports are ready for delivery. Some organizations have dedicated resources whose responsibility is gathering information, creating, and maintaining these complex reports that require a checkbox here, a detail there, a reference over there.

They are doing this m-a-n-u-a-l-l-y, filtering between countless content databases, emails, and using a measly word processor.


Because they haven’t found a good solution - until now.


The 6clicks Solution

Here at 6clicks, we put the power of AI and innovative technologies into the palm of our client’s hand – including regulator-ready reporting.

PCI ROC due this month? No problem. Let 6clicks handle that.

Need a System Security Plan for your client debriefing this week? We got you.

Did your manager just ping you for a vendor assessment overview report for the board meeting tomorrow? Piece of cake.

With the magic of 6clicks, your organization can deliver complex regulatory and custom risk and compliance reports at the click of a button. All we need from you is your assessment data. We’ll handle the rest.


The Process

The process is simple. In comes assessment data > 6clicks processes > out comes a perfectly formatted report.

Let’s break it down…

The Data

Your organization runs the audit against authority or framework of choice – like PCI DSS (including RoC Reporting Instructions) or ISO/IEC 27001, for example – and collects the results and evidence using the 6clicks platform.

That’s it. You’re done.

Processing in 6clicks

This is where the magic happens.

6clicks will take the data you feed it through the assessment process and align it to the proper template – whether it be a custom report template you’ve uploaded or the industry-required template – and populate it.

The Output

This is more than data population, you see.

At 6clicks, we are dedicated to providing quality reports that meet regulator expectations. No muss, no fuss. Just audit-ready reports at your fingertips.

We’re talking report format and data accuracy down to the last checkbox. Check it out:

PCI DSS Product Images (3)


The Value Proposition

Utilizing 6clicks to manage your audit assessments and create your “Pixel Perfect” reporting needs gives your organization an immediate return on investment by:

  • Taking the guesswork out of complex regulatory reporting requirements using your real-time assessment data

  • Providing reports automatically in a ready-to-deliver regulator approved format

  • Enabling personnel to create custom reports that align to your organization’s needs, employing a streamlined, easy-to-use platform

  • Giving your teams back valuable time that can be spent in more productive ways that do not include agonizing over a report format

  • Automatically putting your compliance teams ahead of the curveball with reports in hand when the auditor comes knocking or when it’s time for the annual submission.

Pixel Perfect blog graphic 1

Simply put, 6clicks produces what you need, when you need it, without the hassle or strain on your resources and with the accuracy you require…down to the last pixel. Are you in?


How about a whistle-stop tour with one of our 6clicks maestros? Easy, just click the button below and let the good times roll.



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