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Goodbye copy & paste: Hailey AI for audits & assessments

Greg Rudakov |

December 4, 2023
Goodbye copy & paste: Hailey AI for audits & assessments

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Goodbye copy & paste: Hailey AI for audits & assessments


Hi everyone, we are thrilled to unveil a brand-new feature that promises to transform the lives of GRC professionals everywhere: Hailey GPT for Audits and Assessments. Imagine a world where the tedium of completing repeated assessment questionnaires is replaced with efficiency and accuracy, all thanks to Hailey, your AI-powered ally in navigating the complexities of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).


The pain of traditional assessments

Audits and assessments are routine for GRC professionals, an essential aspect in ensuring organizational adherence to regulatory standards and mitigating potential risks. However, completing assessment questionnaires has long been associated with a time-consuming struggle, forcing respondents (especially those in information security) to juggle vast amounts of data, past responses, and policy information. And, the result? Delayed timelines, heightened stress, and a hindered ability to proactively manage risks.


Introducing Hailey GPT: A seamless transition to efficiency

Hailey GPT for Audits and Assessments is not just a feature; it's a leap into the future. Imagine an assistant that not only understands your past responses but also references your policy and control data. Hailey seamlessly integrates with your workflow, learning from your historical data and policy information to accelerate the assessment response process.

Eliminate manual searching

Bid farewell to the days of hunting around for the correct information. Hailey uses removes the need for copy and paste, saving you valuable time and eliminating the risk of errors.

Answer language understanding

Hailey goes beyond simple data retrieval. Hailey's natural language understanding means it can match a written text answer and interpret it into a multiple-choice response automatically.

Streamlined compliance

By leveraging your existing GRC data, Hailey ensures that responses align accurately with your organization's internal policies and controls.


Come take a look

In this video, I'll be walking you through Hailey GPT for Audits and Assessments. Witness firsthand how Hailey gathers past information and suggests responses to questions, making the assessment process smoother, faster, and more accurate.



Embracing the future: Taking back your day

Hailey GPT for Audits and Assessments is not just about incremental efficiency gains. We're talking about a magnitude reduction in the time it takes to complete an assessment, hours reduced to seconds. Imagine the possibilities this opens up for your day – achieving more in less time, all while maintaining accuracy and compliance.

Here's to a future where assessments are efficient, stress-free, and truly transformative.



Greg Rudakov

Written by Greg Rudakov

Greg is a Senior Product Manager at 6clicks, spearheading the growth and development of the company's groundbreaking Hailey AI engine. Greg's impressive track record includes founding a successful SaaS venture, leading major projects for companies such as KPMG, and integrating IT systems and teams across the globe. With a keen focus on go-to-market strategy and collaboration amongst senior leadership and customers alike, Greg continues to elevate 6clicks' position as a leader in AI-driven solutions for risk management and compliance.