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Exploring Hailey Assist’s applications across diverse organizational roles

Louis Strauss |

April 4, 2024
Exploring Hailey Assist’s applications across diverse organizational roles

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Exploring Hailey Assist’s applications across diverse organizational roles


From board and executive leadership team members to frontline managers and employees, both GRC professionals and non-professional practitioners juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities related to their organization’s GRC strategy.

To effectively stay on top of risk and compliance management processes, keep track of evolving cybersecurity threats, and gain an in-depth understanding of their GRC posture, everyone in the organization must be able to easily access essential information about their GRC program.

As a solution, 6clicks has enhanced its AI engine and introduced Hailey Assist (currently in beta) to provide organizations with improved visibility over the different facets of their cyber GRC program while maintaining the security of their data. Learn how executives, InfoSec and IT leaders, risk and compliance managers, and other personnel in your organization will be able to utilize Hailey Assist for various functions:

What is Hailey Assist?

Hailey Assist is a conversational AI assistant that will provide round-the-clock support to organizations by answering inquiries, performing requests, and helping users navigate the different GRC modules and functionalities of the 6clicks platform. It features a chat-based interface and utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to simulate the experience of human communication. Trained in massive amounts of data, Hailey Assist can analyze the intent in a query or prompt, retrieve relevant data, and generate contextually-aware responses to accurately and instantly provide the information that a user is looking for.

Aside from your GRC data, Hailey leverages native 6clicks content such as Knowledge Base articles, frameworks, and audit responses to produce intelligent responses. It also follows user and data access permissions so organizations can ensure data privacy and security when using Hailey.

Hailey Assist use cases

With its advanced capabilities, Hailey Assist will help leadership teams, GRC professionals, and non-GRC professionals to quickly obtain information such as their internal policies, risk exposure, compliance status, and other insights into their cyber GRC program. Below are various applications of Hailey Assist tailored to diverse user profiles:

Strengthened risk oversight for risk managers

Risk managers are in charge of establishing and implementing effective risk management processes in the organization. This involves overseeing risk management activities and monitoring evolving risks relevant to the organization. With prompts such as “Show me our top three risks in the United States,” or “What are the open risk treatment plans?” Hailey will swiftly pull up a list of risks from the Risk Registers and relay their status, helping risk managers stay updated on the progress of risk management activities. By proactively monitoring risks through Hailey, risk managers will be able to assess the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies and adjust them accordingly.

Enhanced compliance monitoring for compliance managers

Compliance managers face the challenge of upholding compliance with constantly changing standards and regulations. Through Hailey Assist, compliance managers will be able to conveniently access compliance-related data such as policies, control sets, audits, and assessments to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. Compliance managers can ask Hailey to “list the control sets for ISO 27001” or “open ongoing assessments,” and Hailey will be able to provide this information at the click of a button. Hailey will also reference up-to-date authority documents from 6clicks’ Content Library to enable compliance managers to keep up with regulatory changes.

Efficient third-party risk management for vendor managers

Vendor managers are tasked with managing the risks associated with third-party vendors and maintaining compliance with vendor management policies. These managers will be able to use Hailey to “see vendor compliance status” or “view third-party vendors with overdue security assessments.” Hailey will then respond by displaying the list of all third-party vendors with links to each of their records in the Third-Party module or a list of vendor assessments that are past their due dates. Using Hailey, vendor managers will be able to consistently track vendor assessments and their compliance status and promptly address any issues. This allows vendor managers to facilitate efficient third-party risk management in the long term.

Robust cybersecurity implementation for CISOs and InfoSec professionals

Staying ahead of dynamic cybersecurity risks and threats and ensuring the effectiveness of security measures pose a challenge to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Information Security (InfoSec) professionals. Hailey will be able to help CISOs and InfoSec professionals stay informed about security incidents, vulnerabilities, and ongoing security assessments and monitor if security controls are working adequately through prompts like “Status on high-priority security incidents” and “Security controls against insider threats.” With Hailey equipping CISOs and InfoSec professionals with on-demand information on their organization’s cybersecurity posture, they will be able to regularly analyze trends within their cybersecurity landscape, identify emerging threats, and enable proactive response and mitigation actions, therefore promoting cyber resilience throughout the organization.

Better understanding of complex information for general business users

Other non-GRC practitioners and general business users of the 6clicks platform often have limited visibility of their organization’s GRC data and do not have a comprehensive understanding of specific risk and compliance information. But with Hailey Assist, these users will be able to simply ask “What are the policies for remote worker security?” and “What is the procedure for reporting security incidents?” and Hailey will enumerate the organization’s remote work policies and provide step-by-step instructions on how to create an issue on the Issues Register. Hailey will be able to educate non-GRC professionals on company policies and GRC procedures and offer support in their training so they can stay aware of any changes in compliance requirements and ensure the smooth running of daily activities. By fostering continuous learning, Hailey will be able to promote adherence to organizational guidelines and enhance the overall compliance culture within the organization.

Well-informed decision-making for executive leadership teams

Focusing on strategic advisory and management, board members and senior leadership teams typically cannot supervise every aspect of the organization’s operations and are more concerned with high-level information. Hailey Assist will be able to respond to questions like “What is our level of compliance with SOC 2?” and “What are key findings from our last external audit?” and deliver real-time information on the organization’s cyber GRC program. It will also provide support to executives during planning and meetings by simplifying and summarizing complex data. With Hailey reporting timely and concise insights such as compliance status, risk exposure, and overall performance of the organization, executives will be able to make more effective and data-driven decisions.

Improved stakeholder trust for Trust Portal subscribers

The Trust Portal in the 6clicks platform is where organizations can share internal risk and compliance documents with customers, regulators, and other stakeholders to build trust and transparency. Members and subscribers of your Trust Portal Profile will be able to use Hailey Assist to view your organization’s “Findings from the latest internal audit on IT security” or “Recently updated data protection policies” and Hailey will provide them with assessment records, control sets, or easily digestible information on your security posture. Through Hailey, Trust Portal subscribers will be able to easily access information pertaining to your security compliance programs, building trust and streamlining engagement.

Augment your workforce and streamline GRC processes with Hailey Assist

Through Hailey Assist, you will be able to deliver critical insights to executives, risk and compliance professionals, and the wider business to develop a mature cyber GRC program and cultivate a culture of risk and compliance across your entire organization. Get a glimpse of the future of GRC software development with Hailey Assist on the 6clicks platform.

Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

Louis is the Co-founder and Chief Product Marketing Officer (CPMO) at 6clicks, where he spearheads collaboration among product, marketing, engineering, and sales teams. With a deep-seated passion for innovation, Louis drives the development of elegant AI-powered solutions tailored to address the intricate challenges CISOs, InfoSec teams, and GRC professionals face. Beyond cyber GRC, Louis enjoys reading and spending time with his friends and family.