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A little Chat about the future of Search with cyber GRC

Greg Rudakov |

April 11, 2024
A little Chat about the future of Search with cyber GRC

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A little Chat about the future of Search with cyber GRC


Hi everyone, Greg here to give you some early insights about how 6clicks is gearing up to redefine the future of search within our software platform. We're pretty excited to share our thinking in how we plan to leverage the power of chat and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to surpass the traditional expectations of search.

The revolution begins


When you offer the breadth of capabilities that 6clicks offers, it's critical to continue to provide an intuitive, user-friendly way to interact with the platform. Our UX teams are constantly reviewing market best-practices and technology advancements to feed into our product direction.

Imagine a world where finding crucial information, asking questions about your GRC data, or navigating to a specific part of our system is as easy as chatting with a colleague. Or even better, super-intelligent GRC expert that knows everything about your business, like Hailey. That's the future we're building – one where the complexities of GRC become as simple as having a conversation.

NLP chat is simply better than traditional search


Essentially, it's like ChatGPT and Google had a baby. Natural Language Processing (NLP) chat represents a quantum leap in user experience compared to traditional search methods.

Where traditional search relies on rigid keyword-based inputs precise syntax, NLP chat allows users to interact with GRC software in a more intuitive and conversational manner. This shift to engaging in a dialogue eliminates the need for specialized technical knowledge, making GRC platforms more accessible to a broader audience without a reduction in utility for GRC specialists.

Users can now articulate complex queries, seek information, and navigate the system using everyday language, fostering a sense of familiarity and ease. NLP chat not only streamlines the search process but also enables a more dynamic interaction, turning the software into a responsive companion that understands and responds to user needs, ultimately enhancing efficiency, user engagement, and the overall GRC experience.


Side-by-side example: following up action owners for a recent privacy audit


  1. Search "annual privacy audit"
  2. Lists multiple objects found in the system matching those exact keywords, from different times
  3. Work through list until the appropriate audit is found
  4. Open the audit
  5. Navigate to the actions section
  6. Filter outstanding actions by owner
  7. Note down individuals
  8. Write a message to follow up


"show me outstanding actions from recent privacy audit"

Hailey: Here's a list of outstanding actions and owners for Annual Privacy Audit dated 21st November 2023.

"email each owner with a reminder to update their actions"

Hailey: A reminder email has been sent to 3 recipients

Our vision is to make GRC processes more accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. We believe that by integrating chat and NLP technology, we can transform the way you interact with our platform, making it as easy as talking to a friend.

The future unveiled

As we move forward, our focus is on creating an environment where you don't need to navigate through complex interfaces or remember specific commands. Simply chat with Hailey, and let the magic happen. We're excited about this future, and we're confident that it will revolutionize the way you approach GRC.

Join us on the journey

We invite you to join us on this journey towards a future where searching for information, asking questions, and navigating the intricacies of GRC is as effortless as a friendly chat. We're holding our 2023 Product Showcase event soon where you'll find out more about all the great things we've already shipped this year, plus a preview of what's to come in 2024.




Greg Rudakov

Written by Greg Rudakov

Greg is a Senior Product Manager at 6clicks, spearheading the growth and development of the company's groundbreaking Hailey AI engine. Greg's impressive track record includes founding a successful SaaS venture, leading major projects for companies such as KPMG, and integrating IT systems and teams across the globe. With a keen focus on go-to-market strategy and collaboration amongst senior leadership and customers alike, Greg continues to elevate 6clicks' position as a leader in AI-driven solutions for risk management and compliance.