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6clicks unveils Developer API to enhance integration and automation

Greg Rudakov |

July 3, 2024
6clicks unveils Developer API to enhance integration and automation

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6clicks unveils Developer API to enhance integration and automation


Melbourne, Australia – 10 July 2024. 6clicks, the leading AI-powered cyber Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Developer API. This new offering allows customers to seamlessly integrate both off-the-shelf and internally developed solutions with 6clicks, paving the way for unprecedented GRC workflow automation and enhanced cyber risk and compliance outcomes.

The Developer API, designed for modern Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and security teams, streamlines risk management processes and further enhances overall security posture. It opens up endless possibilities for custom integrations, for example, it can be used to:

  • Automate vendor risk assessments by syncing vendors from a management system into 6clicks and pulling data from third-party scanning tools to create a comprehensive vendor risk profile
  • Build custom risk and incident management workflows
  • Integrate with messaging and ticketing tools to improve engagement with non-GRC professionals across the organization

The release of our Developer API marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower organizations to deploy robust and scalable GRC programs,” said Anthony Stevens, CEO & Co-Founder of 6clicks. “By providing seamless integration capabilities, we are enabling our customers to harness the full potential of their existing technologies and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their security operations.”

The Developer API is designed to work hand in glove with other 6clicks technologies, such as the Hub & Spoke deployment architecture for federated businesses and the revolutionary Hailey AI engine built for cyber GRC. The Hub & Spoke model simplifies the management of GRC programs across multiple entities, balancing centralized control and oversight with operational autonomy. Meanwhile, Hailey AI leverages advanced machine learning to deliver insights and recommendations that enhance decision-making, compliance activities, and risk mitigation strategies.

Covering 6clicks’ comprehensive cyber GRC use cases, including security compliance, risk and issue management, third-party risk management, and more, the Developer API using REST architecture enables organizations to:

  • Build custom GRC workflows: Integrate 6clicks with your technology ecosystem, extend and build custom cyber GRC workflows, connect with cloud and business tools, and further embed your cyber GRC program into your organization
  • Trigger internal and external events: Trigger internal tasks like creating risks and issues based on external events and initiate external workflows from 6clicks events, such as status changes or assessment completions
  • Export and integrate data for advanced reporting: Programmatically pull data from 6clicks into custom reports, documents, and BI tools like Power BI and Tableau, combining with other data sources for complete reporting flexibility
  • Build custom control tests: Extend 6clicks’ continuous control monitoring capability and run tests against systems that 6clicks does not integrate with, such as on-prem or custom applications

6clicks' commitment to innovation and customer success is underscored by this latest development. The Developer API opens new possibilities for integration and automation, driving operational efficiency and enhancing the ability of organizations to manage their cyber risk and compliance programs.

Learn more about the 6clicks Developer API and how it can benefit your organization by booking a demo below.


About 6clicks

6clicks is transforming cyber risk and compliance management with its AI-powered platform. It offers a unique Hub & Spoke architecture ideal for distributed GRC programs and advisors, along with the first-ever AI engine, Hailey, built for cyber GRC. This intelligent approach, including a transparent licensing model with unlimited access to frameworks and functionality, empowers cyber leaders and professionals to build resilient and trusted cyber risk and compliance programs. Use 6clicks for:

  • Security compliance: Centralize and streamline multi-framework compliance from inception to audit
  • IT risk management: Intelligently manage your risk profile to make better decisions while keeping your company safe
  • Vendor management: Confidently engage vendors in line with their criticality and rapidly identify and treat vendor non-compliance
  • Incident management: Capture, respond, and learn from incidents and breaches while ensuring minimal disruption to business operations

Covering the most in-demand frameworks, such as ISO 27001, NIST CSF, UK Cyber Essentials, DORA, and more, 6clicks enables organizations to transform their approach to cyber risk and compliance.

Greg Rudakov

Written by Greg Rudakov

Greg is a Senior Product Manager at 6clicks, spearheading the growth and development of the company's groundbreaking Hailey AI engine. Greg's impressive track record includes founding a successful SaaS venture, leading major projects for companies such as KPMG, and integrating IT systems and teams across the globe. With a keen focus on go-to-market strategy and collaboration amongst senior leadership and customers alike, Greg continues to elevate 6clicks' position as a leader in AI-driven solutions for risk management and compliance.