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6clicks introduces Hailey Assist, the first conversational AI assistant for GRC

Louis Strauss |

March 27, 2024
6clicks introduces Hailey Assist, the first conversational AI assistant for GRC

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6clicks introduces Hailey Assist, the first conversational AI assistant for GRC


Melbourne, Australiaβ€”28 March 2024.β€―6clicks, pioneer of AI-powered Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software, unveils its latest breakthrough in AI development and innovation. Introducing Hailey Assist, the first-ever conversational AI assistant built for Information Security (InfoSec) GRC. Through its chat-style interface and experience, Hailey Assist will help mature the risk and security culture within organizations to support enhanced accountability, better decision-making, and improved business outcomes.

Hailey Assist is a cutting-edge conversational engine and Large Language Model (LLM) trained on hundreds of millions of data points and powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT Enterprise technology. It is purpose-built for InfoSec risk and compliance programs, with a singular focus: providing new insights and ways of interacting with 6clicks' AI-powered GRC platform while safeguarding your company's sensitive information so it never leaves the system.

Key benefits

Hailey Assist provides value across the entire business:

  • Non-GRC professionals:
    • Hailey Assist engages non-GRC professionals, from the Board and Executive Leadership Team down to Front-line Managers and their teams in the GRC program.
    • It seamlessly integrates with common Microsoft collaboration tools like Teams and Office 365 and offers a conversational, action-oriented experience akin to CoPilot.
  • GRC professionals:
    • CISOs, IT leaders, and the GRC teams receive real-time insights into daily team activities across the entire program.
    • Hailey Assist tracks actions, critical incidents, and vulnerabilities, providing on-demand visibility into the organization's security compliance and risk profile.


Users can ask context-aware questions, receive precise answers, and trigger tasks and workflows in line with their roles and permissions. There are three broad categories of prompts Hailey Assist supports: 

  • Educational: β€œWhat's the difference between a directive and a predictive control?” and β€œWhat is our policy for remote working security?”
  • New insights: β€œShow me my team's current outstanding assessments.” and β€œWhat is our compliance status for ISO 27001?”
  • Call to action: β€œCreate a new risk for me” and β€œI need to escalate our data breach vulnerabilities.”

β€œThese new capabilities,” says Anthony Stevens, CEO and Co-Founder of 6clicks, β€œwill empower teams to mitigate risk intelligently, streamline compliance, and stay secure.”

With its multi-tenanted platform, flexible deployment options, and powerful AI engine, 6clicks is the holistic solution for building trusted and resilient InfoSec GRC programs that adapt to the evolving needs of businesses.

Hailey Assist is now available in Beta on the 6clicks platform.



About 6clicks

Recognizing the immense challenges facing risk and compliance teams, 6clicks was founded to apply the power of AI within a productive management framework to do more with less and rapidly achieve their risk and compliance goals. Aside from being fast to implement and easy to use, 6clicks is making waves in the market through: 

  • Their unique Hub & Spoke architecture – designed from the ground up to support multi-tenanted distributed GRC deployment - perfect for large enterprises, advisors and MSPs. 
  • Hailey, the 6clicks AI engine that does what would take weeks in seconds, including compliance mapping and policy gap analysis, control set and control description automation, and now automated audit and assessment responses. 
  • A simple and transparent licensing model, which includes unlimited users, vendors, audits and assessments, and access and use of their extensive integrated content, ensures that company-wide adoption and the related costs are transparent, cost-effective and simple.   

As the name suggests (read: β€œThe founder's story: How 6clicks was born and what's behind the name”), 6clicks makes it easy to manage and build resilient information security (InfoSec) risk and compliance programs, with faster and with greater accuracy, consistency, and scalability. Designed for advisors and businesses and powered by AI and integrated content, 6clicks is reinventing the world of GRC. 

Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

Louis is the Co-founder and Chief Product Marketing Officer (CPMO) at 6clicks, where he spearheads collaboration among product, marketing, engineering, and sales teams. With a deep-seated passion for innovation, Louis drives the development of elegant AI-powered solutions tailored to address the intricate challenges CISOs, InfoSec teams, and GRC professionals face. Beyond cyber GRC, Louis enjoys reading and spending time with his friends and family.