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Partner Program Sales Rules

Partner Program Sales Rules

The purpose of the Partner Program Sales Rules is to maximize your go-to-market confidence. We have detailed the program rules and best practises to ensure everybody wins - especially the client.

Selling with 6clicks

Solutions partners sell the 6clicks software in order to solve risk & compliance challenges for their clients, grow their own services businesses, and earn an ongoing revenue share.

As a solutions partner you should familiarize yourself with the various sales motions described on this page to ensure proper involvement in and credit for a 6clicks sale. Upon successfully closing an eligible sale, you will receive revenue share, incentives and commission. These feed into the Partner Tiers that are determined by the total value of all the clients you’ve brought to 6clicks and grown over time along with your paid advisor licensing fees. We measure this using a metric called sold annual recurring revenue (Sold ARR).

Your Channel Account Manager (CAM)

All partners have access to a Channel Account Manager (CAM). Think of your CAM as your 6clicks sales coach, who will help guide you through your 6clicks deals. They’re like an extension of your core team, providing you with the tools and resources you need to sell 6clicks to new clients and build long, successful relationships. Your CAM will be in contact shorty after your submit your partner application

Sales Motions for Prospects

There are three primary sales motions for partners, outlined below:

  1. A direct stand-alone sale to an enterprise prospect (customer)
  2. A bundled proposition comprising 6clicks and your consulting or managed services
  3. A bundle of a managed service you provide enabled by the 6clicks platform

1.  Direct stand-alone sale to an enterprise prospect

Many businesses are under-served in the area of risk & compliance management. Their processes may be highly manual, human-driven, and enabled by Excel spreadsheets, legacy software or custom databases.  6clicks, with its intuitive user experience and full array of usable risk and compliance functionality, is an affordable first step to digitization and automation.  If you have an existing client where you are aware of their current processes, know they are not being served appropriately, or have identified a niche area of opportunity, we would like to assist you to sell 6clicks to rapidly enhance their risk & compliance capability.  This sales motion is made up of a 6clicks partner and their Enterprise client, where a need for the 6clicks platform and more flexibly and efficient risk & compliance processes has been identified. This is a stand-alone sale of 6clicks licenses to your client supported by your 6clicks CAM.

2. Bundled proposition comprising 6clicks licensing and your consulting services

A strategy to grow Partner brand value, leverage IP re-use, and deliver consulting with greater efficiency and effectiveness through bundling your consulting together with 6clicks for a client. This approach works by simply executing the consulting through your 6clicks Partner platform with a connected client account.  6clicks enables your consulting efficiency & effectiveness and assists in the completion of a thorough review or assessment against a compliance requirement and the production of a detailed client report. 

The 6clicks platform can be demonstrated to the client using the client's own data: their identified issues and actions, registered risks and treatment plans, recommended policies/control sets with recurring responsibilities, demonstrating the ease with which the client can now manage the risk & compliance life-cycle with their own team of people.  In the 6clicks Academy training, this is referred as the "Here, you drive?" offer to the client. This could yield a small group of users for a "land & expand" sales strategy. The bundled proposition is made up of selling 6clicks licenses together with your consulting services to maximize efficiency and overall value for your clients.

3. Bundle of 6clicks-enabled managed services

Few platforms lend themselves to "easy" delivery of risk & compliance managed services to clients.  Architected from birth to deliver partner-to-client services with ease, 6clicks can automate your role as the "conductor" of the client's risk & compliance "orchestra" to achieve specified outcomes over a longer-term service engagement. 

In this case, your role as the risk and compliance expert is enhanced as you spend more time consulting and recommending actions knowing the automation of the execution is at your fingertips and set up in minutes. Annualized 6clicks and MSP bundles are made up of selling 6clicks licenses coupled with your company's manages services.

Deal Registration

All 6clicks partners must register any deals that you are working on in order to avoid conflicting deals with other partners and losing out on revenue share and commission. 

Deal Registration

When you successfully register a deal, the deal is automatically linked to you and your CAM who is there to support you in your sales pursuit.

Deal Expiry

All partner deals are automatically active for 90 days after which the deal will expire. It is important to note that at 30 days after deal registration your CAM will get a notification if there has been no change in the deal stage and progress and will get in touch to understand where he/she can assist with the sale. (It is important to keep your CAM updated on all progress made and changes to the deal). At 45 days after registration you and your CAM will get a notification to say that the deal is going to expire, you will then have an opportunity to request an extension - approval for this will depend on reasoning behind the extension and your CAM will revert back regarding the approval of your request.

Being the first partner to register a particular deal gives you ownership of that deal. Should the deal reach expiry after 60 days with no deal extension request and no progress made (booking a demo with the client and your CAM, updating your CAM etc.) the deal will then become open and should another partner register a deal with the same client, the other partner will own the deal. Only one partner can receive Sold ARR credit or revenue share on a deal. 

Proof of Involvement

6clicks requires proof of a partner’s involvement in order to grant revenue share and Sold ARR credit on any sale. This includes cross-sell deals with customers that you have previously sold to.

Partners demonstrate Proof of Involvement confirmation from the client in writing that the partner sends to the prospect or customer during the sale. This serves two purposes:

  1. Confirms your involvement in the sale of 6clicks software to the customer, and in so doing confirms your eligibility for both revenue share and Sold ARR credit
  2. If you are waiving required onboarding for your client, the confirmation verifies a) the client’s understanding that they are electing to use your services instead of 6clicks, and b) that the services you will be providing are sufficient to cover onboarding requirements.

Client-signed confirmations should be submitted to your CAM at time of sale, if not prior to the sale closing.