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How to respond to Australia's new critical infrastructure laws

In this exclusive report, Andrew Robinson (6clicks) and Matthew Chantrell (PWC) dive into how you can automate and manage your compliance in alignment with Australia's new critical infrastructure regulations. To get your copy, fill in your details and hit "Send My Free Download" now!

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Following Australia's Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 and the Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure) Act 2021 (the SLACI Act), this report reveals:

  • What the new critical infrastructure regulation in Australia means for cybersecurity professionals.
  • Which sectors, organisations and professionals do these new critical infrastructure regulations apply.
  • The 'list' of things you need to complete before the critical infrastructure enhanced cybersecurity obligations are live.
  • The tools and processes you need to create and maintain a sustainable critical infrastructure risk management program
  • The technology you can use to help automate your critical infrastructure risk management program in light of these new laws.