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6clicks: Inspiring technology disrupting GRC practice

Learn everything you need to know about 6clicks, how it stacks up against its competitors, why GRC specialists are flocking to the platform in droves plus more in this all-inclusive 6clicks overview eBook.

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Founded in 2019 in Australia, 6clicks has rapidly changed the way leading organisations manage risk and compliance.

By being easy to use, fast to deploy, and dynamic by design, 6clicks saves your organisation thousands of hours and dollars while making risk and compliance a breeze.

  • Built From The Ground Up: How 6clicks was designed by industry-leading GRC specialists with trench-level experience to radically simplify GRC for businesses, advisors and MSPs.
  • Hub & Spoke Architecture: Our secret innovation we pioneered in 2020 that's helping agile companies grapple with their global and business unit risks and compliance in real-time.
  • Simple, Lightning Fast Deployment: Learn the breakthrough approach 6clicks uses that makes getting your GRC Content Library established as easy as downloading an app on your smartphone.
  • Industry Praise: How world-renowned GRC analyst, Michael Rasmussen, believes 6Clicks will disrupt GRC forever - plus more!